Thursday, March 21, 2019

More Colorado Law

As the Dems continue to ram through anything their management in N.Y. and Cali ask for, one of them is actually noticing that their party may be becoming a bit overbearing. A bill to abolish the death penalty was introduced and run through the Senate without even notifying all of the Senators, including Sen Fields who lost a son to a couple of thugs who are currently occupying death row here.
But Democrats were just getting warmed up. A bill to abolish the death penalty was introduced without even consulting Democratic Senator Rhonda Fields – whose son was murdered in 2005 by two men currently on death row. Fields, rightfully upset, tweeted to her party leadership, “No conversations with victims like me who have been harmed. Voters and victims’ voices matter. What’s the rush?” The disrespect Senator Fields has had to endure by this process is simply inexcusable.

This is rich as Mrs Fields was the Representative carrying the magazine capacity limitation bill in 2013.  Then the Dem controlled legislature didn't care what Coloradans thought and whooped the thing through even though it ultimately cost them 2 seats in the Senate. Taking one for the team is acceptable as we all know that the republicans will never get the state trifecta and even if they did, they wouldn't roll back anything.

So screw us then, screw you now. How's those shoes fit, Rhonda?

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