Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Springtime In The Rockies

Should have stocked up on Cinnamon rolls yesterday. Today it's 32 deg (not bad) Snowing (3-5" of heavy wet stuff) Wind 40 mph with gusts predicted to 70 mph!) continuing all day, Power has been flickering for the last couple hours and given the legendary reliability of that in this sort of weather, I've decided not to try to do my taxes. News is reporting 20-30 areas where it's already out.

I broke down and ordered a couple of Pro Mag 15 round mags for the Hi Point which arrived yesterday afternoon, just in time for me to toss them in the range bag and head out for an IDPA match at the local club. Yes, I know you're supposed to test your equipment before the match, but what the heck, it's just a club match and after 4 years of production, the bugs should be worked out.
This is a quick match with 2+ stages*, one a drill type thing and the other more like a regular stage. Space limitations mean that our stages are frequently abbreviated and last night the "long" stage was 13 rounds**.

What the heck, I loaded one mag up to 15 and shot the stage. Worked flawlessly.
For the low light version, I got 3 shots off and had some kind of jam. Hard to tell with the lights out but felt like a double feed. Cleared it and went on. Cost me some time, but other than that still smooth. I finished 6th out of 20 shooters so I'm not complaining. Very much.

I plan to make some time and try some practice on the 5x5 qualifier using the large new mags. My experience is that if you're going to have trouble with a mag, it will be in the first couple of rounds so 5 round strings using the top 5 of the 15 loaded.

* We set up 2 stages, frequently under 18 rounds each, shoot both stages separately, then either combine them into a super stage or shoot the longest one in low light. Or both. Last night we shot the long stage with the lights out.

** 13 rounds is a baseline number. It assumes you get through the whole thing with no makeup shots required.

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