Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Question The Pols

Always a good idea to ask pols questions, the more embarrassing the better.

In the NZ shooters manifesto is a bit that says that his choice of weapons and tactics was made with the hope that it would spawn more draconian anti-gun laws in the United States, increasing friction between U.S. citizens. We should clearly ask all pols running for office if they intend to support the N.Z. shooters aims if they are (re)elected. It's always good to know whose side the weasels are really on.

I know some people including the N.Z. PM oppose using such a criminals name in any context, but...

Calling a gun grab law "Brenton's Law" or referring to any of them as "Brenton's Laws" might possibly embarrass a lawmaker into withdrawing it or at least watering it down.

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