Friday, July 13, 2018

New Social Media

I feel like starting a new social media company. No censorship, and if you're offended, tough. Say anything you like and I don't care. I think I'll call it "Woodpecker" . Just sit down and bang one out.

I even saw a great inspiration for a company logo:
Whaddya think? Woodpecker. Say anything.


Anonymous said...

I'm up for it . . . when do we start?

Merle said...

That would get the libs panties in a twist.... :)

Billll said...

Merle: That alone would be reason to start it.

We need;
Software writers with a sense of urgency,
A lawyer with a hard core disregard for the suffering of snowflakes, and
About $10M to cover wages, salaries, and bribes.