Sunday, July 1, 2018

Conestoga Project 4A

So it all bolts up and starts up and runs.

 The motor kit came with a cheesy clamp for the muffler which I now can't find, to keep it from vibrating and cracking.

 Gotta get that on. The rear sprocket bolts to the spokes and stays centered fairly well, but I'd feel better if the spacer I made to center it on the hub was metal and welded to the sprocket.
The motor started on the second or third pull of the rope and idles well. The machine accelerates just fine with no pedal assist at all with my 160 lbs on board. The motor manual is quite adamant about getting 10 hours of run time and an oil change before visiting Bonneville so I don't know how fast it will go but as a bike booster I'd say plenty fast enough.

Billlls rule of engine swaps says that any engine will fit any frame*.
*Note carefully that some fit MUCH better than others.

This motor kit is intended to fit a heavy weight cruiser bike and NOT a modern derailleur rig. OTOH if you really want to do this, it's not impossible. Keep in mind that I have a lathe, a small bench mill, and a MIG welder in my garage and access to the big stuff if (when) I need it.

Thanks as well to DuBach Tool and Machine, 3910 S. Mariposa St, Englewood, CO without whose assistance and supply of leftovers this project would have taken much longer. Got some small parts you need stamped out in quantity? Give him a ring.

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Thanks for the plug Bill!