Friday, November 20, 2015

Paris Massacre, It Could Have Been Worse

Got this in a newsletter I subscribe to. Seems the Paris Massacre has a couple things go wrong that kept the casualty count down. Firse we all know that the bombs intended for the soccer stadium didn't get in thanks to the stadium security. Secondly however, one of the attacks on a restaurant had a lower than expected casualty count thanks to 3 customers there from Columbia. Businessmen of course and in exactly the kind of business associated with Columbia. 
Last Friday various attacks occurred in Paris, leaving at least 129 people dead. At that time, at a restaurant in the city's 10th District, two armed suspects arrived, who began firing on the attendees. However, three people at the locale drew their weapons and killed the attackers, as reported by French media. Police agents detained the three individuals, who are natives of Colombia and are operatives of the Northern Cartel in that country. It is expected that they will be extradited to Colombia, where they will be tried accordingly. The Paris Police Department indicated that the identity of the three individuals will remain anonymous, due to security concerns.
 Bad luck for the jihadis to pick a restaurant with 3 armed narcotrafficantes in it. When the SHTF however any help is greatly appreciated. Too bad there weren't some of them at the club.

There are several links to stories at the link but 4 are in Spanish and one is in French. I guess that's why we have Google translate. No English language source has picked this up yet though.

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