Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Economic News - Mine

To no ones surprise at all I have been informed that since the project I was hired to work on has been such a smashing success, my contract will end at the end of this month unless I find someone else to pick me up.

As has been noted: The better and faster, an engineer does his job, the sooner he's out of it.

I retired almost 3 years ago so I suppose I can do it again. If blogging suddenly stops, it will be because D'wife got tired of me pacing around the house and messing up the kitchen. Invitations to a big pulled pork barbecue party should be regarded with suspicion.

Meantime note the endorsement for Billlls Bullseye Sight for you Ruger shooters.

1 comment:

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Your sight allowed me to shed the scope that topped my Mk III, so now I can pack it in a holster. I haven't shot this well with iron sights since I was a kid.