Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Modern Science Solves Monster Problem

Picture yourself ambling down a country road with your newly minted monster to terrorize a village when suddenly he conks out. Now what?
Gary Larson posits the above solution but modern science suggests that the real problem lies in the placement of the electrodes. This makes sense. After all you need to jolt the mental abilities to get the old boy going again, so shouldn't the electrodes be on the head, near the brain?
This picture suggests so. This article suggests that giving yourself a boost, even a very small one from a 9V battery can even make you a better shot, eliminating the need to get up in the villagers faces.

A Google search on "9V brain stimulation" yields a plethora of information including detailed instructions on how to build the simulators for well under $10. Of course you could buy one already built but prices go as high as $600. Keep this in mind if you're out of work and looking to raise a few bucks.

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