Monday, July 13, 2015


Normally There are only 2 kinds of weather for me, that being over and under 30% chance of rain. This time of year I take the motorcycle if the number is 30% or less. Tomorrow is one of those marginal days of 30%. Still you wonder when the weather page for the local TV has something like this:
Only a marginal chance for large hail/damaging wind in a small part of CO.
Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling about going out on two wheels with only a marginal feeling of wondering which part of CO they're talking about.

I think I'll toss the rain gear into the saddle bags tomorrow.


Sailorcurt said...

On our family motorcycle trip last year, we spent some time around Estes Park and surrounding areas. During a ride one day that started out perfectly clear and beautiful, we got nailed by a hailstorm that seemingly came out of no-where.

Not fun.

Hail sucks in a car, on a motorcycle it's devastating.

Billll said...

Mornings are fairly predictable around here. Afternoons are a complete crapshoot.