Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pin Drill

I discovered that a bit of practice can improve your showing on bowling pin matches. Here's what to do: First print this target:
Put up 3 of them at 3-1/2 yards. Have your shooting buddy do the same if you like. Put 2 of them upright, and put the third horizontal just below the uprights. Start from low ready, and on a signal, shoot 5 rounds, alternating left-right, left-right, and finally the horizontal pin below. Practice until you get all five shots inside the circles. As a supplement, shoot the first two shots at the upright pins, and the last 3 at the horizontal one. To my observation this is where most people fall down consistently shooting low into the table.

I mentioned this drill last month and Shooting Buddy and self have been practicing with this. It does help.

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