Friday, July 10, 2015

Researchers Interconnect Brains

Gives you hope, doesn't it? If two half-wits are interconnected, does that add up to a complete intelligence? Perusing the article, the big experiment involved using monkeys to control a robotic arm using brain sourced signals. This has already been done for humans, reference the "Iron Man" prosthetic arm that kid got. What they did was to give each of three monkeys control over one axis of an arm and see how long it took them to figure out how to cooperate to grab the treat.

Answer: Not very long. In a harder experiment, 4 rats were wired together and taught that synchronizing their brain activity would get them a treat. What sort of activity wasn't mentioned, maybe synchronized whisker twitching.

High hopes are being raised for this on the premise that massively parallel computing techniques can be applied to the human brain. I wouldn't get my hopes up on this one. To my observation, while intelligence is additive, stupidity is exponential. Connecting together say the two half-wits in the white house will NOT give us the god-like light bringer we were promised. More likely we'll get a half-wit working twice as fast.

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mikee said...

Regarding the correct implementation of stupidity in groups, may I direct you to the website, where "Meetings," "Idiocy," and "Consulting" may brighten up your day?