Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gun Law - Colorado

Just in case you didn't know, Michael Bloomberg holds the office of Mayor of Colorado. The governor answers to him along with the Dems in the legislature.

Here comes a canny political move which I've seen all too often. SB175 to repeal the ban on standard capacity magazines passed the Senate with 4 Dem votes which qualifies it as bipartisan. As the Republicans hold a 1 seat majority, it was going to pass anyway but it also improves the position of those 4 dems with their constituents by allowing them to claim support for a pro-gun bill. Of course knowing that the bill is likely DOA in the house, no one on the Dem side will hold the pro-gun vote against them.

Just yesterday, the Governor all but said he would veto any magazine limit repeal legislation if it were to make it to his desk.  Regardless of continued support for its repeal by both law enforcement and citizens from across the state, your Governor continues to take his marching orders from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other anti-gun activists when it comes to your gun rights and inherent right to self-defense.

Take it to the next level: The house which has a 3-seat Dem advantage allows several of their members to vote for the bill again improving their chances in tight races, knowing that the governor will veto the bill thus preserving their status with Bloomberg.

Thus does Lucy pull the football on Charlie Brown one more time.

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