Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Election Tampering

The 2016 election is 20 months out and already the IRS is getting ready to do that old black magic they do so well.

Paul Gigot: Well, just in time for 2016, the Justice Department has announced that it is gearing up to prosecute coordination between candidates and outside groups, a move that senior editorial page writer Collin Levy says should worry Republicans in particular and the super PACs that support them.
Coordination is difficult to prove but starting an investigation is easy. When you're the IRS you notify anyone who seems to be doing an effective job of selling your opponent or bashing your candidate and demand everything they've got including donor names for audit and other forms of harassment.

This makes donating to a political party an iffy proposition right up there with opposing Vlad Putin in Russia although to be fair the IRS hasn't resorted to gunning people down in the streets. Yet.

Of course now that they're the enforcers for Obamacare, there could be a health link to making the wrong donations. You just never know.

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