Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Billll Gets His Gun

Actually Billll already has one or two, but I've decided to move forward on getting my CCW. I arranged a basic CCW class last weekend which covered the basics, Colorado law, and gun mechanics. No shooting. That will be done separately.

The law part was interesting. First off Colorado's Make My Day law has been significantly walked back to the point that you now need a more compelling reason to shoot someone in your house beyond that you don't want them there. They have to be actively threatening you, not just leaving with your TV. Now define "actively threatening". Make it clear enough that an ambitious DA won't decide that this is his ticket to higher political office.

There was also an extensive discussion of "menacing". This is when someone makes you as carrying and calls the cops to complain that they feel threatened weather you were even aware of them or not. Easily avoided. Just stay out of Denver and Boulder.

Proof of skill with your firearm can come from a variety of sources including regular participation in competitions. I've been shooting IDPA for some time now but to make that claim stick I'll have to join the IDPA. I've also been shooting those matches with a CZ-82 which the IDPA thinks is woefully undersized and Target Sports just got in some G3 Glock 22's from a police trade-in at what I'm told is a reasonable price. So now I'm a Glock boy.

The gun comes with only one mag, so I need 2 more. Picking them up tomorrow, only moderately over priced, and on the other side of town.

Also need a holster as none of mine fit the new gun, so I'm picking that up tomorrow on my way to pick up the mags. Picking up the gun tomorrow on the way home if I can get there before they close.

Friday I'll probably get to run 10-20 rounds through the new gun, then Saturday I shoot an IDPA qualifier. Should be interesting. I think I'll bring the CZ just in case.

As to the CCW, I was told that the counties near Denver are not as friendly as one could hope. You must appear, in person, between 9AM and 3PM, Tue thru Thu only at the county sheriffs office and fill out the forms in person using the right colored ink and at least one of them will deliberately give you some run-around and make you come back another day for some reason and if you complain, you will be escorted out of the building and told not to come back, so there's a zen test in there as well. The fee is $152.50 which covers the $10 background check, part payment for the county sheriffs new leather chair, and a supply of pine tree air fresheners for the deputy's vehicles.

The shooting part is covered by participating in competitions among other things, hence the IDPA card.

Turning money into smoke and noise. It's what I do.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

It's easier in Illinois. Who'd a-thunk-it?

Merle Morrison said...

Thank God PA is a must issue state, it's a surprise to me that so many western states are such dinks about permits. I thought that the "old west" spirit was alive & well - silly me!


Anonymous said...

Just got mine up here in Eagle County. The CBI took exactly 6 weeks to process my background check. My Sheriff took all of a day to contact me.


Billll said...

Once the paperwork is turned in we'll see what happens. The book "Emily Gets Her Gun" documents what it's like to just buy a gun in D.C.

By contrast, I picked mine up today. 5 days shipped from the east coast. Had I found this locally it would have taken 30 minutes or less.

One should not suggest that had I bought it privately, it would have been closer to 30 seconds.