Wednesday, December 1, 2021

NICS checks - Yup, Back To Normal

 Nice to see the curve drop back to its expected place finally:

Now, if the industry could just catch up with the backed up demand for components. I need 2000 small pistol primers to get me past the panic.

Then there's the Rittenhouse verdict, which will probably have some impact on it all. I guess there's motivation to get a gun if you think the government won't be of any help in a pinch, with some added incentive that you run a reduced risk of prosecution for protecting your life.

There's also now an inflation incentive. Thinking that the $55 gun you were considering will be $600 fairly shortly, gives you some motivation to get it while the getting is good.


Mike-SMO said...

Dunno. November total looks like about May-June and the entire year is well above previous. I wouldn't count on a "catch up" any time soon. Kenosha and Wakesha are going to leave a mark.

Mike-SMO said...

Life is tough for the color blind. Still, Kenosha and Waukesha.