Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Crime Waves

 Down in Pueblo, the cops are complaining that just catching crooks isn't helping since if the theft amounts to under $2000, all they can do is write a ticket. At some point, the public will decide that if the local government won't let the police do their jobs, then the civic duty would be to step up and help out.

Yeah, I know, the vulgar term for this is vigilantism. So what. It's also law enforcement for when the state cannot or will not enforce the law. So when someone breaks in to your house or business, you simply plug them and with a little help from your grateful neighbors, bag 'em in a large construction bad, and deposit the trash a reasonable distance from the scene of the crime.

If there's 2 or more of them, see if you can catch them in the driveway, plug all of them, and tell the cops they were arguing over dividing the spoils, and a fight broke out. Stick with this story, the cops will back you up unless they're in on the heist, and everyone will be the better for it. The mayor may lose 2 or 3 votes in the next election, but tough luck for him. 


Mike-SMO said...

Those who vote for that foolishness are generally immune due to gates and locked lobbies. They might notice that all the local businesses have closed. They will be outraged if you do anything to protect you and yours.

That kind of non-law enforcement will finish off many downtowns. I suspect that is part of a plan to justify the importation of so many Illegal Aliens. It worked in Compton [California]. "Downtown" will soon be an attraction at Wally World, Six Flags, and the casino strips.

Billll said...

So the next fun IDPA stage, will be called "downtown" instead of "Hogans Alley" and will involve a lengthy walk forward down a narrow aisle with threats emerging on either side as you pass them. I gotta pass this on to Stage Manager Mike.