Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Future Elections

 Looking at how this election was stolen, and the efforts everywhere to cover the deed up by studiously investigating everything but the actual cause, let's look into what needs to be done to put a stop to this, or at least cause the crooks to develop better methods.

How about a mandatory forensic audit of all voting machines used in any election that includes federal office or federal level questions?

A quick plug in test to assure that what goes in is in fact what comes out would be a start although that immediately brings to mind the on-board computers in Volkswagens that can recognize a test probe and reset themselves to give the right answers. At this point it seems that a plug-in to a voting machine makes anything at all possible with the implication that the presence of a plug-in might also trigger a complete software delete and reload depending on who wrote the plug-in.

Joe Huffman has described flummery detection software as fairly easy to write, and flummery prevention algorithms as something any honest programmer could include in his work. I suspect that if such software were submitted for approval to a less than honest purveyor, that said purveyor could take that as a starting point and have his own people write the flummery into the program while carefully skirting the obvious trip wires.

Whatever, tamper resistant software is sorely needed and needs to be ready in time for the 2022 elections. 2 years should be sufficient to develop this. The big danger to Dominion &Co would be that the new programmers might discover the mechanism used in this election, blow the whistle on it, and somehow find an honest hews reporter who might publish it which would lead to jail time for someone and possibly serious imprecations for some elected officials. Might at least be fun to watch.

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Anonymous said...

How about eliminating voting machines and software altogether; paper only ballots; positive voter I.D. at the polling places; one week of in-person voting only; no mail-in ballots; Independent vote counters and supervisors with "Party Observation' allowed.

Yes, there will be some possible issues to be resolved, but it's a start.