Monday, December 14, 2020

QOTD - Future Elections

 Found this at Indy:

UPDATE: Jim Bennett emails: “My theory is, Kamela will want Joe to stay for two years and a day, so she will be eligible for that second full term in 2028. She wants the 10-year presidency, second only to FDR. And after all, Joe’s just window dressing. No harm in keeping him around longer. Also, blame him, not her, for the red tide of the 2022 elections.”

 I have my doubts already about any red tide in '22 as afyer the Dem wins in Georgia coming up*, the fix should be comfortably in in time for the next elections.

*NOTE: Georgia is using the same Dominion voting machines and software that gave the state to Biden. This time there are only 4 candidates on the ballot for 2 offices. My prediction is that both Dems will win by about 2% which is high enough to not trigger recounts. The big question is not who will win, but by how much. Too big a sweep will trigger investigations, and too close a win would trigger recounts and possibly audits. Can't have that.

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Sailorcurt said...

I'm not saying you're wrong, but I don't think the dems are really that worried about investigations any more. They know all they have to do is muddy the waters enough to that there's no literal smoking gun and they'll get away with it. Separate incoming mail in and absentee ballots from their envelopes, mix the questionable ones in with the known good ones, accidentally destroy the paper trail, etc. Same stuff they did in the general election.

We've already proven to them that they can blatantly steal an election, do you think we're ever going to have another legitimate election in this country again? Ha.

They probably don't have quite enough of a majority to do too much for the next two years. All it will take is 1 defector in the senate or 5 (IIRC) in the house to make something fail. But after they have the opportunity to fix every election in every state with a major liberal city (most of them), they'll have clear majorities in both chambers. Bye Bye filibuster, hello packed supreme court and then we're off to the races.

By 2024 the US will be unrecognizable. I hope you've lost lots of "assault rifles", "high capacity magazines" and ammo in tragic boating accidents.