Thursday, December 3, 2020

Attention All Thriller Writers!

 I found an interesting article at medical express today suggesting that a new drug might be a quick cure for numerous debilities of mental decline. I've seen reports of breakthroughs of this sort before but nothing ever seems to come of them. Presumably the drugs are doled out to highly placed politicians which keeps them in office for abnormally lengthy periods and accounts for them only leaving their office feet first.

One of my friends wondered if this might be speeded up in time to do Slow Joe Biden any good, and if it did become available, if the VP would attempt to interfere. This could set up a behind-the-scenes catfight between the VP and the 1st lady.

There's the basis for a good political thriller: The 1st lady invites the female VP over for tea, and shortly thereafter the VP succumbs to something which the surgeon General labels "Covid". Said Surgeon General then moves into the VP slot and rumors begin to circulate that he and the 1st lady might be more than just friends. The president, who is doing well to remember his wife's name, provides distractions and comic relief.

Not being a big fan of this sort of literature, I have no idea who might be qualified to write such a thing. Might even make the basis for a dark sitcom along the lines of "Fresno".

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