Monday, May 25, 2020

Unforeseen Consequences

Looking at an article on getting college campuses open again this fall, and considering other articles suggesting that a large part of going to college can be done from home electronically and at much lower cost, I'm wondering if there isn't an unforeseen opportunity here for the right.

College towns are notorious for being hotbeds of leftist thought, probably because they provide 15-20,000 ignorant kids being taught by a few Marxist professors, and kept in line by an equal number of diversity administrators. Now imagine that the coursework is being taught online. If a student has a question, the same computer that brought the lecture, can also search the answer to his or her questions. In some cases, the students parents might also be available.

Since the students are staying home instead of being concentrated in the academic camp, there's more incentive to register to vote where you live. This reduces the supply of lefty votes in the college towns and gives the working parents who actually live there more clout.


UPDATE: If the CDCs guidelines for opening primary schools are carried into colleges, no one will want to go there anyway, and the party of micromanaging nannies will fall into even more disrepute.


Merle said...

guess that would be the end of keggers... :(

Billll said...

Americans are nothing if not clever and adaptable. With the savings from not going to the campus, and social networking from the Messenger or Zoom classes, students in geographically contiguous areas should be able to rent an AirBnB and meet up there for the big parties.