Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Lockdown - Day 735

I may have lost count of the days, but I can assure you that all 35 pneumatic tires here are inflated to their recommended pressures. I am also ready to comply with the governors "All masks, all the time" regulations:
I still need to add a stiffener to the stovepipe of the hat.

The first IDPA match since January will be this weekend. I added some upgrades to my gun, but haven't been able to test them, everything being closed. Oh well, I've probably forgotten how to shoot anyway, so it won't make much difference. I did build a couple of shooters in my spare time:
 These are made from 5/8-11 fasteners and are chambered for .22 cal air gun pellets. Motive power is a large pistol primer. Seems a friend of mine had some that got wet and he doesn't trust them any more. So far I've only had one fail to fire.
That white block is the sear. You pull the firing pin back, and insert it between the knob and the breech plug. A little tug, and BAM! The black part of the barrel is a piece of PVC pipe that limits how far you can screw the barrel into the coupling nut. It has a #1 hole drilled through it which is used to swage the pellet to the barrel size so you can load it from the front. I need to fire this through my chrony  since I know you will all be wanting to know the power factor this thing makes.


Merle said...

are you going to set up some matches for these??? :)

Billll said...

It's hard to see, but the one with the black barrel shroud has 3 sets of trunnion screw holes in it. This was not on purpose, but, it allows the shooter to fabricate a scope mount for that 6-24 varmint scope that's been holding the shelf down for the last 5 years. Should help your results greatly.
I seem to remember that Kevin put one of those on his .380 compact.

Merle said...

UMMM, 6-24 scope? don't you have anything big enough for the job? :)