Monday, May 4, 2020

The Walter Duranty Award

They aren't calling it that yet, as of today it's called the Pulitzer Prize, but the NYT has won yet another one for their trophy case, this time for the 1619 project in which they re-write American history to claim that the big reason for the American revolution was to preserve slavery in the colonies.

This will sit next to the 2018 Pulitzer for covering the Russian Collusion of Donald Trump, a masterpiece of modern science fiction journalism.

The award is expected to be renamed for Walter Duranty who, in the '30s won a Pulitzer for his fawning coverage of Joe Stalin, assuring everyone that all was going well in Russia, no one was being arrested, no one was starving, and no one was being shipped to Siberia.

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Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for the DNC to award then the Julius Streicher Award.