Friday, January 10, 2020

Virginia Gun Laws

Here's an excerpt from a newsletter I get describing a proposed law restricting the kinds of ammunition you will be permitted to have in Virginia:
Delegate Levine has also introduced HB 899, which would ban the possession and use of “restricted firearm ammunition” in the state, and makes it a felony to own any ammunition that meets the following criteria:

(i) Teflon coated or coated with a similar product;(ii) commonly known as “KTW” bullets or “French Arcanes”; or(iii) cartridges containing bullets coated with a plastic substance with other than lead or lead alloy cores, jacketed bullets with other than lead or lead alloy cores, or cartridges of which the bullet itself is wholly composed of a metal or metal alloy other than lead, but the definition does not include shotgun shells or solid plastic bullets.
So you would be allowed only lead bullets. Next up is banning lead I suppose. Note that the all-copper slugs are already banned.

A handful of billionaires have figured out how to game the system to their own benefit and are making the most of the knowledge. First off you don't have to fund every Democrat in a state. Most of them have safe districts and would get re-elected if they came out in favor of cannibalism. Identify the close races and concentrate the funding there. It's cheaper to buy 2 or 3 seats than to try to buy the whole party.

Second, keep your people in line. Make sure they understand that if they get out of line, primary races cost comparatively little and they can be replaced very easily that way. Again in most districts the incumbent party has a huge advantage.

Third, know that over reaching can cost you some seats, but unsurprisingly not very many. See note 1 above. Timing is everything. Take the trifecta in a year ending in 0 and you get to draw the district lines in time for the next 5 elections, by the end of which opposition parties will be safely banned.

This will get the left safely entrenched. The next problem is staying there. If over reach is limited, they are probably safe for 20-30 years or more as witness Illinois, California, or New York, pretty much no matter how bad it gets. Keep in mind however the adage about leftism that it's easy to vote yourself into it but you must shoot your way out of it. Ex: Cuba, Venezuela. OK eastern Europe got out without shooting, but it took about 60 years and required the collapse of the parent government first.


Sailorcurt said...

I'm not defending the bill, I think it's ridiculous, but you're misreading it and making it worse than it is:

"would ban the possession and use of...jacketed bullets with other than lead or lead alloy cores" [bold added]

Which means that jacketed bullets with lead or lead alloy cores are NOT banned.

What does make it really bad is this one: "cartridges of which the bullet itself is wholly composed of a metal or metal alloy other than lead"

In other words, frangible bullets and "environmentally friendly" bullets made wholly of copper alloys would become illegal.

Of course, the next step would be to ban lead bullets for environmental reasons and then everything would be banned except plastic bullets.

Billll said...

You're right of course. I admit I had a hard time making sense of the verbiage as the bill was written. Just getting jaded I guess.