Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cooking The Books - Polling

Trump down 11 post-tape? Not so fast. When you see a poll like this from the Clinton News Network, the first question should be about the methodology. When your poll is made up of 58% Dems and 41% "others", the result should be laughed out of the room. Under ordinary circumstances I would expect a poll like this to deliver all the Dems to Hillary and the "Others to be 50-50 Reps and Independents. The I's usually split somewhere near 50-50 so add another 10 to Hills column and allocate the remaining I's to the R's and expect about a 70/30 split in Hills favor.

Yet with this much built in bias, Hill could only show an 11 point lead?

It's now official; She hates you, so I suppose it's to be expected that we deplorables don't think much of her either.

The DNC is denouncing Trump's suggestion that in a more honest society Hill would be in jail as being "banana republic thinking", but their own record suggests that the banana business is flourishing here already. The Clintons are already well enough known for not actually needing anything as slow and cumbersome as a justice system especially if going to court could prove to be as damaging to them as to the target of their prosecution. Thus when Hill calls for an "intervention" against a protester, it would probably pay the protester to hire some armed guards.

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