Friday, February 10, 2012

How's Your Weather

Some years back I caught myself alternately complaining about the stifling heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter, and I said to myself:"Self, you can't have it both ways. Pick one." So I picked winter.

Can't ride the bicycle, can't ride the motorcycle, and sometimes can't go to the range. Last weekend the Steel Dog Shoot (prairie dogs) was cancelled as the life sized steel silhouettes of the rodents wouldn't have been tall enough to even see the ears sticking up out of the snow. This weekend more snow is forecast. What fun.

Two weeks ago we got about a foot of snow on a Friday. I cleared the last of it off the driveway on Saturday with the trusty blower. I'm not 100% sure, but about 90% that sometime in the process I dropped my car keys on the drive and the blower tossed them into the 2 foot drifts that now line either side of the drive. I'm driving on the spare key and at this point I despair of finding the originals any time before April.

Too bad nobody I know has a metal detector.

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jed said...

I have this suspicion that there are sufficient parts in your garage for the assemblage of a metal detector. Well, perhaps not all the electronics to translate a change in flux density to an audible tone, but that's pretty trivial. Some caps, resistors, and transistors, and some magnet wire.

I have this notion in my head that one or more of the Mad Scientists would already have one of these. Just seems like one of those geeky things to own, you know.