Thursday, November 19, 2009

Postal Match

Last chance this year to "go postal" and win undying fame and glory. To find out what that's worth, go to the CBOT and search either one of those commodities.

Anyway this months match is for the James Bond fans. Here's the target:
The complete rules are here. The fun part is that there's an advantage if you can name all six Bond movies for which an image is pictured. All five vehicles, and the girl. I have three ID'd, but I haven't been to a Bond flick since he wrecked the Aston Martin, so think of this as a bit of an online trivia contest.

First person to correctly name all six flicks, will get credit for having named them when I send in the targets. This is recognition second only to not finishing last in the match, so give it your best guess. I'm going out this weekend to prove that I can hit an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper at 11 yards without using a scope, and at 25 yards with one.


Anonymous said...

Upper Left: a blimp, probably from "View to a Kill" (the only James Bond movie I haven't seen).

Lower Left: Atlantis from "The Spy Who Love Me"

Upper Right: I have no idea. It looks more like Mork's space craft than something from a James Bond movie.

Lower Right: the death spheres from "Moonraker" (I don't know if that's what they were called. They were filled with a toxin from an Amazonian plant, and Drax was going to bomb the Earth with them from his space station).

Center: The stealth ship from "Tomorrow Never Dies"

The legs are from the "For Your Eyes Only" movie poster. (I didn't know her name, but according to Wikipedia, the model was Joyce Bartle of New York).

Billll said...

A lot of people are drawing a blank on the figure in the upper right. I'm ready to believe there's been a Bond movie in which the villains gimmick was a 3-button mouse on an Apple computer. "The Virus Who Loved Me" maybe.

I'm thinking it vaguely resembles a submarine vehicle used to chase boats up and down a river, but as I said, I haven't seen that one.