Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gun Sales

Looking at the graphs of U.S. gun manufacturing from the VPCs lamentation, I notice that manufacturing, and presumably sales, trend upwards when the Democrats hold the legislature, and peak when they also hold the presidency.

Additionally, sales decline when Republicans hold the legislature, and reach a minimum when they hold the presidency as well.

Noting only a small blip following 9/11, I have to conclude that the American people fear the Democrats far more than the armies of Allah.


Brad K. said...


The Democrats put more people out of work, and the amount of impulse violence escalates. So responsible citizens are reminded again about security - and buy weapons.

The Democrats are also more apt to erode civil rights and cause inflation - both are good reasons to buy guns and ammo before inflation and/or rights erosions block the average citizen from being able to obtain a gun or ammo. At least, Obama and the wacko anarchists he paraded with through the election campaign season set off a storm of "get them before they are gone or illegal" buying. I understand primers, at least, are still in limited supply, nationwide.

It used to be that Republicans tended to drive toward stability - maintaining existing corruption, rather than create entire new vistas, like the Clintons and Obamas. Everyone from the neighborhood thug to the President expected next year to be pretty much like this year. Even the levels of violence - and concerns about security - held steady. With today's RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), I don't know how that will track in the future.

We had Ronald Reagan to offset, stop, and begin repairing the runawy inflation Jimmy Carter set in motion with good-hearted blundering. I wonder who will rise to combat the inflation, economy-crippling regulation storm, and rights-erosions of the Obama era.

But not me. I only bought one new rifle because someone stole my old gun. But I have been reading about the Mosin Nagants.

Billll said...

These are the reasons people fear the Democrats. I'm sure there are a lot of different ones, and yes, I did raise the issue (elsewhere) that the murder rate might rise under democrats because of increased unemployment causing increased crime.

A self-fulfilling prophesy there, wot? A Dem administration drives down the economy, causing crime to go up, causing the party in power to demand stricter gun laws to combat this, which makes the criminals job easier, which drives the economy down....

Other forms of the positive reinforcement loop can also be found, the one that comes to mind is the welfare state.

Easy to start, hard to stop.