Saturday, November 14, 2009

Opportunities For The Differently Abled

It seems that the effort to stop the Ft.Hood shooter resulted in his now being unable to walk. I had been hoping that he would be, by now, unable to breathe, but you take what you can get.

Mind-boggling possibilities present themselves. In addition to car bombs, vest bombs, bicycle bombs, and motorcycle bombs, we now get to look foreword to wheelchair bombs.

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Brad K. said...

I don't know - couldn't a sufficiently motivated blow-myself-up type terrorist figure out how to get more explosive into a pair of aluminum crutches (or tubing frame of a wheel chair) than a shoe? Or maybe marry a one-shot firearm into the bottoms of each crutch, and derringer-style "holdout" pieces in the arm pads and again in the hand grips, with the rest of the frame available for various and sundry MP3 player (for recorded Imam harangues), timer, detonator, batteries (for the timer and MP3 player), and various and sundry other substances. Maybe a fail-safe stash of hashish, in case the rest of the rig fails to light up the sky. The stash could always be sold later if the unexpected happens.

There should be a way to use the upper tubes of the crutches as speakers to broadcast the prayers for the walking, talking, disaster looking for a place to happen, wacko kind of guy.

Maybe this thing could be licensed to Apple, minus the stash. Call it iHop. Naw, that one is taken. Sorry, International House of Pancakes.