Friday, January 14, 2022

The New Biden, Coming Soon To A TV Near You

 Expect the DNC to soon demonstrate recent innovations in AI purchased from the Chinese. They now have a couple of newscasters done with advanced animation and AI broadcasting the news daily and undetectable by watchers.

The original news people were popular and widely watched, and when the original AI models were introduced, they were not hard to spot. Currently the AI has learned to refine its modeling to the point that the models are virtually indistinguishable from the real people.

Expect this to be imported into U.S. politics soon. The giveaways will be the politician getting through a speech without self-correcting an error, either factual or grammatical. Speeches will be written by a committee, carefully checked for errors, and then piped out to us peons in a manner reminiscent of Max Headroom. Our new crop of pols can be expected to appear only on TV, or in meetings via Zoom or something similar. Slo Joe will be locked away in his Delaware basement, and his "steering committee" will have his AI driven image taking care of business. 

Actually, the uses for this are much more extensive than just keeping a demented meatloaf in the oval office. Imagine if a nationwide TV broadcast/youTube production went out in Iran in which the Supreme Leader threw his turban on the floor and denounced Islam as a fraud. Or if Xi JinPing were to suddenly announce the end of communism, or Kim Jong Un announced he was retiring to some South Pacific Islands with enough money to never bother with North Korea again. The mind boggles.

Meantime, watch for Slo Joe to suddenly begin making sense, or at least stop with the gaffes. A sure sign he's been replaced

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