Friday, June 12, 2020

Defunding The Police - How I'd Do It

Well, maybe not, but consider this: First the local government defunds the police. This frees up considerable monies which of course would NOT be returned to the taxpayers. Let's say it gets spread around among the other government entities.

First you let everyone know they're on their own so you encourage the populace to always go armed.

Second, you encourage the populace to view lawbreakers not as underprivileged victims, but as dangerous predators. This is the hard part as many elected officials view these people as valued constituents and supporters.

Third, if you are accosted by one of these predators, you are encouraged to use your armament to stop the predation, with an eye toward also including possible recidivism.

Lastly, you should call the newly expanded city trash service and have them pick up the debris and move it to the local landfill. This also requires that any paperwork would need to include not only cause of death (lead poisoning) but reason for death (Attempted Wealth Redistribution). Again we have to be careful here as tax collection, while being the same function as AWR, is done under color of law and shooting tax collectors is frowned on. At least by the local government who rely on the swag to keep themselves employed.

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