Friday, November 8, 2019

Polling Bias - What they don't tell you

Everyone has seen the headlines blaring Trumps approval rating being in the low 40's and making you think he'll be gone by Friday. Now here's the rest of the story: All the leading Dem candidates are doing worse than the president:

Keep in mind that this a poll of 835 registered voters taken between October 30 and November 2, 2019 — or while Democrats and their media allies are on a 24/7 crusade to impeach Trump.
Favorable / Unfavorable
Donald Trump: 44 / 54 percent
Quid Pro Joe Biden: 43 / 50 percent
Bernie “The Fossil” Sanders: 41 / 54 percent
Cherokee Princess Elizabeth Warren: 42 / 44 percent
Dingbat Kamala Harris: 27 / 46 percent
Mean Little Mayor Pete Buttigieg: 27 / 34 percent
One other thing is that at this time in his first term, Obama was 3 points lower than Trump is now even with the 24/7 butt kissing Obie was getting from the press.

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