Monday, November 11, 2019

My Homeland Security

Took delivery on a trail game camera and mounted it up high under the eave where it has a nice view of the drive, including my car, and hopefully isn't too conspicuous.
Priced in the low 40's, it comes with light weight mounting hardware, limited instructions, and nothing else. You need a sim card and 4 AA batteries to get started, and if you're like me, using it for home security, a 6VDC power supply for extended period use.

I've mounted it and checked the function, and so far so good. My original plan was to mount it indoors and let it look through a window, but the motion sensor seems to be of the ultrasonic variety which won't work through a glass window. So far my biggest complaint is the color scheme which while fine for out in the woods, is not so good against a beige house. Mounted up in a corner, it's 4 in high and 3 in wide and isn't as conspicuous as I had feared, still it would open up markets for Letscom to make the thing in beige so as not to stand out so much against a suburban house. In fact, they could probably make the front look like a birdhouse without trying too hard. Maybe just a snap-on cover.

I'll see how long it takes the wife to notice it.

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