Monday, April 13, 2015


The sport has been out of favor for far too ling in my opinion. I vote to bring it back with a few revisions to the traditional rules to bring it into the 21st century.

First, the reason for this is the challenge by a Polish Prince issued to UKIP spokesman Nigel Farage over an offense taken from Nigel's position on immigrants. The Prince demands satisfaction on the field of honor with swords.

The problems:
1. Traditional rules of dueling give the selection of weapons to the challenged party. No telling what Nigel might pick but whatever it is, the Prince is stuck with it.

2. Normally the nobility is forbidden from dueling with commoners. We in the U.S. don't recognize titles of nobility within our borders although we do grant recognition of status in certain cases. Elected officials for example are called "Honorable". No matter how corrupt.

3. In most countries dueling is illegal especially when the possibility of officially disposing of a body is involved.

I would propose some solutions.
 Item 1 doesn't need one as such although historically, when an older person is challenged by a much younger, stronger, and healthier one the older fellow can either pick a method more suitable to old age and treachery or submit a pinch hitter. This all too often leads to an uneven match up with an unacceptable outcome. A limit of 20 years of age differential would be imposed and no hired guns.

For item 2, I would grant title to all elected officials, some title on the order of noacCount  which aside from granting membership to the ennobled class, carries no other advantage. Further, dueling would be limited to the nobility. Exclusively. This is absolutely necessary to prevent disgruntled constituents from doing away with elected officials willy-nilly. This also addresses item 3.

So Nigel picks the weapons and he and the Prince have it out on the field of honor. Or Mitch McConnel and Harry Reid duking it out in the Senate gym. Or Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton... oh wait, the 20 year rule.

It's got possibilities though.

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