Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Basis for a Dilbert Strip

 Here's a headline 

Apple Machine Learning Director Said to Quit Over Tech Giant’s Return-to-Work Policy

Which made me think that some clever code monkey at Apple had written an AI that did all the functions of a director, and pulled down the salary to the code monkey, without ever having any human contact at all. Great scam, if you can get it.

Problem being is that now Apple wants its people back at work, and someone was bound to notice the absence of a warm body in the directors chair. 

Apple might well leverage this by writing AIs that formulate meaningless memos in high-level bureaucratese and send them to a designated mailing list. The obvious use would be to replace about half the executive branch of the government with these things. CGIs could be constructed to convince the public that real people were somehow involved, and the whole country could run on autopilot.

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