Monday, February 1, 2021

Gun Sales - And You Thought Last Year Was Busy

 A new record, and a first! The first time ever that NICS checks topped 4M in one month! If the traditional curve shape holds we're on track for 50,000,000 checks which is estimated to represent 35,500,000 gun sales this year.

The Dems are, unsurprisingly, adding to the military presence in D.C. and loading up H.R. 127, the most draconian anti-gun bill ever. I don't doubt for a minute it will get rammed through, the only current roadblock being the possibility of a filibuster in the Senate, but Schumer has enough votes (51) to abolish that. 

Remember the quote: "If you need 30 rounds to bag a deer, you aren't very good at hunting." Which was answered "If you can't govern without disarming your constituents first, you aren't very good at governing."

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