Tuesday, August 18, 2020

QOTD - The New Normal

 From Andrew Busch at the American Mind:

For their part, Democrats have not drifted but charged headlong so far to the left that not a single Democratic member of the House Judiciary Committee could tell Attorney General William Barr that they would stand up against Antifa if it tried to burn down the U.S. Capitol. The venerable party is now under the functional control of cancel mobs and the far Left, as if Henry Wallace had returned from the grave to take his revenge.

Looks to me like a very well organized nation wide uprising by a small group of useful idiots. I wonder if the lack of complaint from the left might be related to the power behind BLM and Antifa, exactly the same folks making big donations to the re-election coffers of the pols who are now too cowed to complain about the violence? 

It also appears that the electoral dynamic has changed. If you have the majority, you don't worry about extending it as much as you work to ram through as much of your agenda as you can while you have the opportunity. Unseating an incumbent is difficult at best in a general election, but replacing one in a primary is very easy and much cheaper. Also the public tends to see the winner of a primary as the same as the person they displaced and gives them the same advantage as the former incumbent.

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