Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Quarantine Blues

The latest from our governor (Governor Death) Polis implies that gun ranges should shut down.

Trump has declared that all firearm businesses including ranges are "essential services" so there's an argument for keeping them open. Matches, however are a voluntary gathering of some arbitrary number of people, probably greater than the arbitrary numbers declared locally to be "too large" so they could legitimately be cancelled.

Both of my ranges have been shut down until Apr 30. I have written the management to open them for individual use but no organized matches during that time.

Note that the burning of "Old West Incense" (I use Titegroup) can be considered as a prayer to Buddha (or someone) and is far more efficacious when done outdoors or at least in a place with a better ventilation system than our basements afford. Not to mention how much calmer our spouses remain.

Monday, March 30, 2020

QOTD - Possibly Of The Decade

From Sara Hoyt:
Actually this attitude has been pretty common here for the last 40 years that I remember. What's funny is that the Californians take it up about 10 minutes after crossing the state line. Oddly, they continue to vote for the same policies they were fleeing. Immigrants from Eastern Europe seem to vote against these ideas.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Kung Flu - The End Is In Sight

Getting past all the bloviating going on right now, here's what we know.

If you show any symptoms of the Kung Flu, a 5-day regimen of Hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin*, and maybe a zinc supplement will erase the symptoms and put you back in circulation. Scott Adams is referring to this pill combo as the Trump Pills in no small part to avoid having to remember the rather lengthy names involved.

At the same time, ventilators for the most severely affected are in short supply although American ingenuity has trotted out several cheap and easy to make versions. There are a couple of problems with this, first of all being the FDA who won't approve of the manufacture or sale of a medical devise without a long and detailed study for safety and efficacy which typically runs about 2 years if you include the review process. This means that anyone needing one of these ventilators will be long dead before they are allowed to use one, and by the way, the survival rate for people reduced to using a ventilator seems to be about 5% so you'd probably be dead soon enough even if you got one. To me this suggests that ventilators are probably the wrong tree to be sniffing up.

Doctors can prescribe pretty much anything for any purpose as long as the rewards outweigh the risks. As of right now, the evidence suggests that the Trump Pills (O.K. I hate spelling all that out even with cut-and-paste) are a sovereign solution to the problem, and side effects are well known and so insignificant that the stuff is sold over the counter in areas where Malaria is more common than the common cold. So how many do we need, and where are they?

Statistics from the Diamond Princess petri dish suggest that with little isolation, about 25% of an exposed population will catch the disease. The U.S. population is 330M give or take a few. That means we would have 82.5M people developing symptoms and needing treatment. The standard regimen so far has been to prescribe 200mg HOCQ and one of the others for 6 days to be cautious. HOCQ seems to come in 100mg tablets, so 12 pills times 6 days, times 82.5M is 990M pills. That's a lot of pills for something that heretofore has not been all that commonly used.

HOCQ is a synthetic chemical which means you need some precursor chemicals, and at minimum likely the major components of a brewery to mix and cook them. There are 2 companies in the U.S. that are currently making the stuff and I seriously doubt that they have the capacity to quickly crank out half a billion pills each in the next 2 weeks so there's the bottleneck as of today. India has a large population, is in the earths Malaria belt, and so uses a lot of the stuff. They have politely informed us that notwithstanding the prospect of someone making a LOT of money in a hurry, they will not be shipping us 100,000 Kg of it. At least not right away.

A number of companies worldwide make the HOCQ for human consumption. The link is to a list. AMRI company in the U.S. is a maker of the HOCQ. I have emailed them as to how hard the process is compared,say, to brewing beer. When I hear back from them, I'll add the answer.

*The antibiotic, azithromycin, seems to be related to penicillin so some people will have to use something else. The application in this case is pretty generic as the virus renders the body unable to deal with common bacteria which then take advantage of the break and attack with little or no resistance. It looks at this point like pretty much any antibiotic suitable for use against airborne bacterial infection would do the job. Antibiotics we can find.

QOTD - Guns

Found at onlygunsandmoney.com

"Unprecedented demand" is a reason to deny people the ability to exercise their RKBA? Like if too many people showed up to vote we could just suspend the election? https://twitter.com/WRALMikaya/status/1242536428329938944 

This in response to
BREAKING NEWS: Wake County Sheriff's Office just suspended ALL pistol permit applications due to "unprecedented demand for weapons." They will not reopen applications in Wake county until APRIL 30th. They say they've seen a 250% increase in demand.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Virus Update 2 - Private Effort

I'm fighting off fever with 2 4oz doses of tonic water per day. Today there was no tonic water on the shelves, so I bought DIET tonic water. Think about that for a bit. I'm surprised it wasn't dehydrated diet tonic water.

I'm sure our government, on both sides of the U.S. Iron Curtain, are doing their level best to address the virus problem. That not much seems to be getting done, and at a snails pace confirms to me that the government is on this problem at full force. If they were to try any harder, I don't doubt that everything would come to a complete halt and any relief we got would be the result of our own efforts including those expended avoiding arrest for doing something without the proper permissions.

Scott Adams asked if a ventilator could be ginned up that used the efforts of the younger, healthier folks to run it instead of some external power. Visualize a teeter totter, with an office seat ball under one end, and a virus sufferer under the other, connected by a piece of 2 inch flex hose. Now visualize 2 kids going up and down alternately inflating and deflating the ball and the patient. See? Easy solution and minimal cost.

Imagine a set of these, and the adults offering an attractive prize to the team whose patient lives the longest (dies last). Boggles the mind and incentivizes the rest of us to take all possible precautions to avoid winding up under a teeter-totter. Be FDA compliant by putting an equal number of the afflicted on gurneys along side, but with no breathing assistance. Keep careful notes and find someone with a PhD of some sort to act as the author of the ensuing paper to include a grant application to reproduce this study on a Caribbian island with a warmer climate and several cases of Corona on hand.

Further research is indicated.

Virus Update

A doctor in New York is reporting a 100% success rate using Hydroxychloroquine with a Zinc supplement without the antibiotic that's usually used. Pretty impressive results although his methodology doesn't quite meet the FDA standards in that no control group with placebos was included, thus no stack of dead bodies was included in the results.

Meantime, in the Ummah, imams are encouraging the kind of behavior that worked so well in the 1300's against the Black Plague.

In Iran the official line seems to have moved slightly from attributing the virus to the Jews (default) to attributing it to the Americans, and discouraging the population from accepting any help from Israel or the U.S. as it would probably be tainted with something. Also possible is that this discourages the peasants from noticing that some $1B in health measures aid, given to the Iranian government to help the Iranian people, seems to have miraculously vanished.

To conflate all this, I fully expect at least some Imams to begin preaching that the medication test, having been conducted by an Orthodox Jew, is of no value to Muslims and that no true Muslim would thus avail himself of the drugs which are a part of a Zionist plot.

Monday, March 23, 2020

QOTD - The Senate

This from the floor of the Senate during debate on the proposed economic relief bill from Sen. John N. Kennedy (R-LA):
“You know what the American people are thinking right now?” Kennedy inquired rhetorically. “They’re thinking that the brain is an amazing organ. It starts working in a mother’s womb and it doesn’t stop working til you get elected to Congress.”
Nailed it, Senator.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Fun With Headlines - Sick, Sick, Sick!

Perusing Drudge this morning and noted this story:
Alone no more: People are turning to dogs, cats and chickens to cope with self-isolation
Well, O.K. then, then I found this one a bit further down:
‘Naturally antibacterial:’ Sex doll companies trying to cash in on coronavirus
Slowly the small bulb over my head began to glimmer. The ghost of notorious cheapskate Jack Benny arose and pointed out that for the price of one of those fancy dolls, you can buy a lot of chickens....

Friday, March 20, 2020

QOTD - Presidential Wannabes

Slow Joe actually said this:
“They tell me there’s ways we can do teleconferencing via us all being in different locations,”   Joe Biden
And this fellow wants to be President of the U.S. and de facto leader of the free world?

Shutting Down Almost Everything

Gov Polis is setting Colorado up to become the Bernie Socialist Utopia by closing down all private businesses until they go broke or until the Kung Flu is officially declared extinct. At that point I suppose he'll either "nationalize" the then defunct businesses or buy them out at pennies on the dollar. I just can't wait to see who he appoints to the State board Of Tattoo Artists.

OTOH, has anyone at all seen a governor or Mayor offer to shut down the public transit system?

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Winter Sucks

So the 2.5" that was predicted 2 days ago has grown a bit.

I now have 7" on my car and more now predicted overnight. It's the heavy wet stuff and I had to hand shovel a path down the drive before I could run the blower (4.5hp!) down it and then I could only take about a 3" cut on each pass.

You can tell it's global warming because if this had been the usual fluffy stuff, it would have been 2 ft deep.

Official Notice: 2020 Cancelled

This from D'Wifes relatives down under:
Works for me. The election would be over with the expected outcome and none of the hassle.

Virus Music - Music Going Viral?

Some have suggested calling the virus the Chi-Com Virus in honor of its outbreak point. OK then here's some music to go along with that:

C.C. Virus
I said C., C. C. Virus
Oh see, what you have done
(Yea yea yea)

I said C. (C. C. Virus) C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
Oh see, (C. C. Virus) what you have done
(Yea yea yea)

Oh girl, you made me love you
Now, now, now, now your loving man has gone
(C. C. Virus) Girl what'd I say (C. C. Virus)

Well, I'm going away, baby
And I won't be back 'til fall
(Yea, yea, yea)
And I'm going away baby
And I won't be back 'til fall
(Yea, yea, yea)
If I find me a good cure
I won't, I won't, I won't be back at all
Girl what'd I say, I said C., (C. C. Virus)
C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
Oh see (C. C. Virus) what you have done
Yea, yea, yea
I said C. (C. C. Virus) C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
Oh see, (C. C. Virus) what you have done
(Yea yea yea)
Oh girl, you made me sick now
Now, now, now, now your healthy man has gone

Play it JB,
(C. C. Virus)
(C. C. Virus)

(Yea yea yea)

(Yea yea yea)

Who, hear what I say
I said C. (C. C. Virus) C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
I-Oh see, (C. C. Virus) what you have done (Yea yea yea)
I said C. (C. C. Virus) C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
Oh see, (C. C. Virus) what you have done (Yea yea yea)
Oh girl, you made me sick now
Now, now, now, now your healthy man has gone
Well what I say
Now I said C., (C. C. Virus) C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
I said C., (C. C. Virus) C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
I said C., (C. C. Virus) C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
I said C., (C. C. Virus) C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
I said C., (C. C. Virus) C. C. Virus (C. C. Virus)
I said C. (C. C. Virus)

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Virus Question

Why does the government's recommendation that people limit gatherings to no more than 10 not seem to apply to the legislature?

Oh yeah, stuff like that only applies to the little people.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Ventilator Shortage? Improvise!

Scott Adams is repeatedly harping on a perceived shortage of ventilators to serve Covid-19 patients. He suggests we come up with a low-cost DIY supply to cover the shortage. OK then. I don't have the parts right now, but let's try this:

You need an aftermarket intake assembly from some squirrels Honda Civic, the motor and blower assembly from a Kirby vacuum cleaner, some hose, a waste gate from a Subaru WRX, and a plastic bag and rubber band.

All this is controlled with a cheap Arduino microcontroller from MEI Micro. Air is drawn through the air filter (K&N of course) by the vacuum, and pumped in to the plastic bag which is placed over the patients head and sealed with a rubber band.

The supply is controlled with the waste gate which is opened and closed by the Arduino controller to drive an inhale/exhale sequence to the patient. For extra effect, instead of spraying the air filter with filter oil, spray it with Lysol disinfectant.

Here's the general layout for Billlls emergency Redneck ventilator. The Arduino and waste gate could be replaced with a 303 can and a soup can with 3 or 4 windows cut in them, the soup can being turned inside the 303 can by a barbecue rotisserie motor to develop the inhale/exhale function. Now you coal miners don't need to learn to write code to save Grannie.

Someone find the parts and string them together. It'll make a great YouTube comedy short.

Friday, March 13, 2020

C-virus and Social Media

Friend of mine sent me this note:
B. W. Carlin (@BaileyCarlin) tweeted at 11:00 AM on Thu, Mar 12, 2020:
I have been informed by a relative who is a middle school teacher that students are now referring to coronavirus as the “boomer remover”
Sure, kids. Look here, I have it from an unimpeachable source who wishes to remain anonymous, that the Chinese have discovered, by experimenting on Uighur prisoners, that a complete blood replacement from middle school age kids into a boomer will render the boomer immune from the C-virus. This requires 3 MS age donors for each boomer treated. The MS-age donors blood is replaced with blood removed from the boomer being treated. The donors susceptibility goes up 3X post treatment, but since it was small to begin with, the increase is effectively not noticeable.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

QOTD - The Democrats

The Democrats are now the party of the Pumpkin IPA-sampling hipster, the woke tech tool, the militant diversity consultant, and the cat-fancying public school teacher whose husband went out to get her some Diet Coke when she was 48 and never came back.
                             Kurt Schlicther

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Public Health Action

Rep Jerry Nadler is claiming that restricting foreign travel will not help the public health. Who knows, he may be right. I, after all am not a doctor. Let me suggest this then:

President Trump should appoint a blue ribbon congressional committee to investigate this. Consisting of Jerry Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and probably a few others whose names escape me at the moment, this august committee should immediately embark on a European tour to investigate the effect of travel restrictions on the spread of the Kung Flu. Destinations should include Milan, Italy and Tehran, Iran, and possibly others if anyone proves willing to let the tour plane land.

The committee should meet with government officials to hear their take on the pandemic, and of course some of the victims to confirm that they are being well cared for.

Upon return to Area 53, an even less well known spot in Nevada, the entourage will be quarantined for 45 days, and the plane burned and buried. While in quarantine, a report will be prepared describing the findings, and blaming everything on the President.

Firearms Exchange Program

Anyone who turns in a firearm to me will be given a roll of toilet paper. No questions asked.

Australian Gun Laws

I read with some interest an article noting that the Police Minister from NSW practicing with a submachinegun seemed to send Green and Labor MPs into a state of high dudgeon. First off a bit of background might have smoothed the ruffled feathers. As we all know, when you rise to or above certain levels of political status, the laws no longer apply to you, at least not in the way they apply to the peasantry. As was noted in the article, laws disarming the public do not apply to the military or the police.

Secondly, weapons laws are decidedly NOT there to protect the public. Quite the opposite. They serve primarily to protect the political classes from their constituents, and as an unintended consequence, they protect the criminal classes as well. This works in the politicians favor as when violent crime rates go up, as they invariably do, the pols can pass even more draconian weapons laws against the victims.

In the end, you get the ruling class living in gated communities with armed guards at the gates, and everyone else living is a Mad Max environment, armed with improvised weapons in self defense. If the penalty for getting caught with a submachine gun is the same as that for possessing a club, one may as well go for the sub gun as it provides better protection for no greater risk. Ex: London.


So get out there quickly and stock up on beer, or whatever your favorite cold remedy is.

The article at the link is very short and summarizes the advice to "Don't Panic!" nicely. Also highlights why the bastards in office need to be removed, post haste.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Disturbing Lack Of Faith

And from Ireland, of all places, renowned for its faith.

Todays news:

■ Ireland canceled all St. Patrick’s Day parades, including Dublin’s, as the outbreak affected plans for cultural and sporting events around the world.

Even with possession of one of the better known remedies for whatever ails you.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Tinkering And Puttering

Tinkering with the little red motorcycle, discovering that some sand-like stuff had gotten past the fuel filter somehow, and was opening the carbs for a cleanout. Remove one screw, a very special screw, peculiar to Mikuni downdraft carbs, and dropped it.

Search the garage floor and find it under the wifes car. There is also a washer that goes with this one, and not just any washer but a very special brass job made to very special specs. That one had disappeared. Checked fit and determined the size. Turns out it matches the back end of a 9mm bullet case. Drill out the primer hole to 5mm and cut it off at the groove, and Voila! the new washer is easily identified as the specialty Mikuni carb part by being prominently stamped "9mm Luger".

Works fine. And yes, after the wife went out for some errand and I got a chance to sweep the floor, I found the original washer, so now I have a spare. Making the new one took less time than finding the old one. Of course.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

NICS Checks - Another Record As Expected

OK the Feb numbers are in and to no surprise, we set another monthly record. Or maybe we just increased at pretty much the expected rate. With the Bloomberg states, led by VA, OR, and WA passing gun control laws as fast as they can be rammed through, and the primary sponsor of said laws spending godzillions of dollars to get himself elected, there may be some panic buying going on here.
2020 is starting off slightly ahead of the infamous 2016 which was led by the widespread expectation of a Clinton presidency. It's way too early to be calling this but at the rate we're going it looks like we might see 30M total checks this year.

Friday, February 28, 2020

The Upcoming Elections And All That

I went to a Taco dinner (yes we have those) sponsored by the local republicans, attended by the politically active and several office holders and candidates and heard a local radio host* tell us what the current state of disorganization and dismay is among Democrats. He went on at some length about how the Dem candidates have all gotten go far to the left that even the nominally leftists in the party are trying to distance themselves from them.

The stage at the last Dem debate.

Which is great, as far as it goes. The Dems here have got a ballot harvesting machine that can suck votes out from under the rocks which will be very difficult to beat in any case in November. The Republican hope is that the Donks can be sufficiently associated with the top level to discourage some percentage of them from voting at all or, best case, switching sides. There is also the Rep hope that the prospect of re-electing more of these will inspire more Reps to actually show up for the elections. Inspiration comes from, among other things, the investigations in Washington that start out aimed at Trump, and inevitably end up exposing Dems as the real crooks as the rocks get turned over.

Swell, except for one thing. When question time came up, I asked if the speaker, or anyone there really believed that by 2024, any Democrat above the level of Federal Dog Catcher would actually see the inside of a jail. Guess how many hands went up?

Exactly none. While it's encouraging to see the roaches being exposed, it's equally discouraging to see no Raid being applied. Jailing a couple, even at the lower levels would tell the Reps that the Donks don't completely own the justice system.

*Dr. Matt Dunn has been voicing his opinion on politics every Sunday evening on KNUS 710 Radio. The Dr. is real. He's a practicing dentist, not a cleric.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Coronavirus - Imagine

Imagine if you will, that Slow Joe gets elected president. Quit pretending to barf, it gets worse.

Imagine there's a sudden outbreak of the dreaded Kung Flu along the now open southern border.

Imagine that Slow Joe goes on TV to announce that he's got it handled, that his VP, Stacy Abrams, has been put in charge of the effort to take care of this.

Some of us need to start a go fund me page to raise enough money to buy an island somewhere reserved for the sane.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Coronavirus - Cui Bono?

So how does the Coronavirus play out in the context of the whole world? If you are the dictator of a country and have an interest in keeping your population ignorant, not well. it's hard to cover up having to quarantine whole cities and getting everyone to wear surgical masks. Also hard to hide long wait lines at hospitals and widespread workplace closures. Blame it on anyone you want, but it's hard to hide your inability to actually do anything about it.

Biggest beneficiary: Leaders of open societies, and most notably President Trump. Trumps trade policies have avoided causing a global market crash by being very narrowly targeted and being backed up by diversification policies that have been moving the country away from such a heavy dependence on China. Not perfect by any stretch, but helpful in this context. Market corrections or sub-optimal performance can be blamed on the virus and while that's not 100% the case, it's probably enough true as not to matter much. Meantime, so far, the infection/fatality rates are much lower in the freer countries which instills confidence in their governments.

Of course if you're excessively paranoid and in to conspiracy theories you could postulate that the virus was developed in a university lab in Minnesota, and deliberately leaked to China by the Trump admin to destabilize the Chinese government and cover up the damage his trade war is doing. The big problem with this theory is that it involves the Deep State working quietly and efficiently in concert with the Trump administration and having no leaks at all in the process.

Right. Happens all the time.

NOTE: We now have an outbreak in Iran which the management there is not doing well with. Big surprise. Saudi Arabia is quietly in panic mode over the thought that a plane load of infected pilgrims might contaminate the prayer rugs in Mecca and Medina. Divine retribution, anyone?

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Spread Of Coronavirus

Perhaps the well hidden chapters of this story. Remember back in 1918 when the Spanish flu spread like wildfire on account of a war going on with millions of men packed together in staging bases and front line posts? Now look at a map of China and notice that Wuhan is not that far from Singkiang where the Chinese currently have some 2M Uighers locked up in reeducation camps.

Think about the results of dropping one infected person into each prison colony. Think that the Chinese would pass up an opportunity like this? Rapid spread and a high fatality rate would be a feature, not a bug, and the location lends itself to a near perfect cover-up.

Has anyone looked at satellite pics for smoke plumes or evidence of mass grave digging? One should never let a crisis like this go to waste.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Western Civ in 5 minutes

Everything they refuse to teach you in college, or even in High School any more:

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Local Politics

While attending a small rally for a local candidate for our House of Reps, I got to chat with some of the more senior reps who told me that unofficially our Governor and member of the Big 4 Colorado billionaires Club, Jared Polis, is positioning himself for a presidential run in 2024.

Swell. Early on candidates tend to move to the far ends of their parties in order to corral the votes necessary in the primaries. This may be is come conflict with the sitting members of his own party who currently control both chambers of the legislature. The legislature is controlled by Tom Steyer and the other 3 members of the aforementioned Big 4 who support rather extreme positions on everything. Guns, taxes, schools, immigration, the works. If the legislature continues to overreach, they run the risk of losing at least the Senate.

The House is a different story with all the Donks plugged in to their seats by the oligarchs with apostasy punishable by a well funded primary challenger. Primaries are comparatively cheap and in the general the union soldiers will dutifully harvest ballots for anyone with a D after their name.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Coronavirus Remedies

I call them remedies rather than cures since I suspect that most of these have the effect of suppressing the symptoms rather than actually eliminating the disease. Many of these have ethnic roots as well, so get ready for some cultural assimilation.

Remedy #1 An Irish remedy
This one involves gelatinous seaweed

The Red Seaweed of Chondrus crispus and Mastocarpus stellatus have been used for Centuries in Ireland to relieve sore throats, coughs and colds.
Need :
  • 25g of Carrageen / Irish Moss
  • 600ml (1 pint) of water
  • Lemon, sugar, honey – to taste to your own preferences
The traditional way to make this is to :
  • Soaked 25g of Carrageen / Irish Moss in a bowl of cold water for 15 mins.
  • Place soaked Carrageen / Irish Moss in a pan with 600ml (1 pint) of water.
  • Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 mins – the Carrageen / Irish Moss should break up into little pieces and the liquid thickens.
  • Strain the liquid through a sieve, making sure you get all the liquid through the sieve with the spoon.
  • Add Sugar, lemon, honey to taste – to your own taste.
  • Allow to cool and decant into a resealable jar/container.
  • This will keep in the fridge for approx 1 week.
  • Other flavours can be added to your own taste – ginger, vanilla essence, etc.

My own personal suggestion for flavoring would be Tullimore Dew. In moderation, of course.

Remedy #2. Another Irish remedy: One of my friends also has an Irish remedy which involves hanging your hat on a bedpost and taking a bottle of whisky to bed with you which you drink until you see two hats. I suspect that when you regain consciousness, the hangover will overwhelm any other problems you might have and you can get back to work just like any other Monday morning.

Remedy #3. A Welsh remedy.  I got this one off one of the news feeds I read. A Welshman, working in China came down with the dreaded Kung Flu and was by his account, at deaths door when he decided to try his national cure, a Honey Lemon Toddy. This involves 2 levels of prep, depending on how long you think you have to live I guess. The simple one at he link
  • 2 ounces scotch whiskey
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • hot water (to taste)
He says it saved his life. He also didn't say how many he took. I recommend 3 parts water to 1 part booze. I made mine using Tincup Rye whiskey and it was really smooth and tasty. Smooths the throat too. If you have a bit longer to live, have the ingredients, and remember where you put them, you can add a couple of cloves, some cinnamon stick, and just a hint of nutmeg.

Monday, February 10, 2020

New Coronavirus Masks

If it's the Kung Flu or something else, why not opt for something else?
Mask #1

Minimalist, for use in less infected areas
Mask #2

Maxi mask, includes 5 micron filters inside

Not to mention what it does to the ChiCom facial recognition software.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Democratic Approach

After hearing James O'Keefe's videos of Bernies people recently I'm beginning to get a feel for the party's approach to the upcoming elections.
His rep did assure us that Stalin's gulags were nowhere near as bad as the CIA has portrayed them.
Turning out the Antifa militias to turn out the vote also inspires this one:
Short, succinct, and to the point, no?

Having watched the Donks go from Russians! to Ukrainians! to He Dissed Us! to no avail, I'm thinking that sooner or later they're going to start thinking that assassination is the only remaining route to a 2020 victory.

Might be fun for Trump to invite Pelosi, Schimer, and Mutt&Jeff to the White house on some pretext or other and have them met at the back door by the TSA who will give them the full Bin Ladin screening welcome. Just so they understand where they stand with him in the D.C. food chain.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Hillary For V.P?

I believe she would jump at the prospect. After all if her party won, she would then be only one more heartbeat away from the presidency.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Medical Science Marches On

I have reported here on a technique for fighting cancers involving separating the victims T-cells out, reprogramming them to recognize certain cancers, in the case mentioned, leukemia, then putting them back into the patient where they ruthlessly attack and kill the cancer. An impressive trick which worked best on liquid cancers.

It now seems that a lab in Wales has discovered a naturally occurring t-cell that preferentially attacks cancerous cells, but is present only in modest numbers. They have cultured them and injected significant volumes into cancer patients and had some favorable results.
They reportedly discovered a new type of T-cell that carries a receptor that latches onto human cancers but ignores healthy cells.
In fact, the receptor is said to be capable of killing several cancers, including lung, skin, blood, colon, breast, bone, prostate, ovarian, kidney and cervical cancer.
They say that human trials could begin by the end of the year which by health care development standards is  blindingly fast. Since at this point the process involves using the patients own T-cells, the word "drug" does not appear in a description of the therapy so the FDA whose function is to insure that NOTHING gets to the market, in minimally involved.

Coincidentally, two political icons, one of the left, and one of the right, seem to be candidates for the treatment. Rush Limbaugh and Notorious RBG have between them supporters with enough money to outright buy Wales and establish the Limbaugh-Ginsburg Cancer Treatment Center.

What Happened In Iowa

Since no one actually seems to know, that means that my guesswork is equally valid as everyone elses so here goes:

It seems the APP software used in Iowa was written by the same people who wrote the ballot counting software that screwed Biden out of the nomination in 2016. My theory is that the "malware" built into the app had the function of removing votes from the Biden file and adding them to the Clinton file. In '16, this worked. This year the feature was still there, still carefully hidden, and still working except that this year, there was no Clinton file to write to, so the whole app crashed.

When some results finally get out, we will find Biden with very low vote counts and the rest of the field with about what we expected, percentage wise. Good thing, I suppose, that Hill wasn't on the ballot else we'd also see that she again won all the coin toss decisions.

These people want to micromanage your life too.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

What Trump Should Say

In the SOTU address Tuesday, pointedly looking over at the Clown Coup people:
"I'll have more flexibility after tomorrow."

Groundhog Day

Taking a cue from Tam who tells us that if your convertible doesn't see the shadow of its top:

If your motorcycle saw its shadow on the road today then it's a cue for an early spring. Mine did.

72 today declining to 30 with snow tonight, accumulating 5-6" Monday with a bit more on Tue and a low of 4 on Wed Morning. That groundhog had best get back in his hole. Winter Sucks!

UPDATE to add weather notes.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Reloading Limits

A question that regularly comes up is how many times can you reload range brass. Being the consummate cheapskate, I should be able to tell you but unfortunately I never marked any of my ammo in such a way as to be able to keep track of it. What I have found out is this:

The life of a casing unsurprisingly, depends on the material and the load. Brass casings with low power loads last a good long time, although less in a carbine where the pressures get higher. For fun I reloaded some aluminum casings and kept track of them. In a pistol they lasted 3-5 cycles before they began to split. In the carbine only 1-3. If you need ammo and have nothing else, this can serve, just keep in mind not for long. I've had some brand new aluminum ammo blow out in the carbine on the first shot.

I have 500 rds of ammo, loaded to very mild levels for use in the pistol which I rotate through and 300 rds also modest power, for the rifle.. This also makes keeping track of it difficult since I generally use about 80 rds at a match, reload that and refill the 100 rd box, then put it into the rotation. Thus the first 80 rds in each case have seen the most use, and the last 20 or so are probably still in pretty good shape.

I've been averaging about 3 boxes a month x 80 rds/box for the last 3 years, and I can tell you the stuff is overdue for retirement. The first clue is when you finish up a stage and the SO says “unload and show clear” and you can't get the bolt to extract the last cartridge from the chamber by pulling it back. There is likely nothing wrong with the extractor, just the cartridge is now so out of spec that it's been press fit into the chamber. Definitely time to retire that one. This implies that the brass has been through the gun once a month, for the last 3 years, minus a few canceled winter matches, or 25-35 times over its life. To be conservative, and using modestly powered loads, I would venture to say that 15 reloads is probably about it, after which you'll begin to have trouble extracting unfired rounds from the gun. I've not had any of the brass cartridges split on me, but this is masking the problem with overly reloaded brass. It works OK when you fire it and almost always gets ejected that way. When you start to see failure to eject or experience difficulty extracting an unfired round, this is a hint that your brass is in need of a trip to the scrapyard.

1000 rds of S&B .40 S&W from Lucky Gunner costs about what it would cost me to make if I had to buy everything, including the brass. If I keep my losses to a minimum, that's about 4 months supply. If I don't lose too much, I can reload it 10-15 times and get the price down to manageable levels, and not wind up shooting worn out ammo. Even adding in shipping and taxes (~20%) and limiting reloads to 10 times, I'm still not doing too bad.

Anyway, now you know.

Plodding Into The 21st Century

In the course of human events here at casa Billll, the kids decided that the wife's TV was in need of an upgrade. Not only the TV, but the furniture it sat on, which would have been too small for the new TV they were envisioning. They also figured that they could include us on future SILs family plan which would expand the available list of time wasters available.

The kids duly took the Wife out shopping to a furniture store where FSIL had some favors waiting and came back with a TV big enough to be watched from across the street. Call me an old fogy, but as a child, the TV was generally demonized as some kind of plot to produce fat, brain dead, kids who would be easy pickings for the onrushing hordes who were probably commies, and wanted our country and our TVs. Thus the admonition to “Go Play” with the word “outdoors” unspoken but clearly understood. The flickering screen was not called an entertainment center, but pretty universally “boob tube.” Oh yes, and back then that referred to the watchers rather than the programming.

They also noted that Wifey's phone was woefully out of date, and arranged to get her a new one. This seems to include new icons, new buttons, the discontinuation of tapping the icons, replaced by swiping them, and several other updates to the point that when the living room furniture had been rearranged to accommodate the new TV, very little in the way of operational training had been imparted. There also seemed to be no operating manual included. All updates were presupposed to be intuitive. Eventually we noticed that the owner needed to set up the phone so it would actually ring when called, something that was not automatically included. There is also some clever combination of swipes required just to answer a call, assuming you knew one was coming in. My daughter spent about 2 hours training d”wife on the phone, and left muttering that training time would come out of the time she would otherwise have spent finding us a nice nursing home. Also the remaining time before she started getting us installed in one.

Anyway, the old TV holder, some 5 ft wide, six feet tall, and 18 inches deep, and the bookshelf next to it had, over the years, become the resting place of every piece of detritus to float through the living room, and when it was replaced with a piece from the basement, 6-1/2 feet wide and 2 feet high, all the detritus got moved to the floor. Admittedly most of it should have been moved to a dumpster, but one was not immediately available and setup time was a-wastin'. The piece from the basement is ½ of a stackable assembly which served the same function as the now removed piece from upstairs, so it too was covered with “stuff” which now resides on the floor down there. Most of the downstairs stuff is of the same status as the upstairs stuff so the required dumpster is getting larger and more trips up and down the stairs are called for.

The new TV being installed, and the cables plugged in, it seemed that it wasn't giving us all the channels we had before. Much fussbudgeting and a visit from a technician later, it seems that although the TV was “smart” and “HD”, HD input was not asked for in the contract, so is not available. Cables from the box to the set must be the old RCA type and not the HDMI that came with the box upgrade. You would think that a “smart” TV would notice little stuff like this and put up a warning on the screen: “Yo! Dummies! Upgrade your contract or use the other cable set!” It also seems that due to better speakers, when the sound is good enough to be heard in the living room, it can also be heard anywhere in the house. I suggested some big styrofoam Corinthian columns, one on each side of the TV to deflect the sound away from the hallway, but this got vetoed. Even when I suggested a Temple frontage across the top with friezes and statuary of gods on top, say, Cthulhu and Aphrodite. Some people have no appreciation for the classics. All that's left now is the cleanup so I'm looking for a front loader that will fit through the doors.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tomorrows News Today!

Riffing off the news that Washington is considering letting people vote by phone. What could go wrong?

So the 2020 elections will be a replay of 2016 with Trump winning the electoral college by a lop-sided margin while the popular vote will run Trump: 67M, Clinton 1.6Bn, with 1.54Bn of those votes coming from Washington.

 Mrs Clinton becomes the Dem party nominee when original nominee, Bernie Sanders, commits suicide by shooting himself twice in the head, and leaving the nomination to Mrs Clinton in the suicide note found pinned to his body.

This news from the Potsylvanian News Agency. Our motto: Tomorrows News Today!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

New Gun

Sort of. 9 years ago I got one of the  first Hi Point 4095 carbines to hit the market. I've been shooting the dickens out of it since to the point of using it exclusively for IDPA competitions to the tune of around 1000 rounds a year. December of last year it had a failure that the factory opined was probably terminal so I sent it back via Triple J Armory in Littleton.

Had rather a crush Tuesday with the new gun arriving around noon and the club having a scheduled match that evening. The shop had to log it into their inventory, me arriving at 2:30, and the BC and all taking to 3:30. I showed up with the red dot and the rest of the match gear and left the shop directly for the match with the parts in bags and boxes.

Arrive at ARPC at 4:15, assemble the gun with the sight, set up a target and get the sight more or less dialed in. It adjusts with an allen wrench and all I had was one that was pretty close to the right size. Hard to feel the clicks. I decided the lower group was close enough.

Helped with the stage setup and shot the thing. The gun worked great. Had one failure to feed from the brand new (really ought to take them apart and clean them before use) magazine, and one brain fart loading the wrong mag for the stage and coming up 1 round short (5 down). Finished the match in 4th overall but the fellow who finished 3rd was some 20 points ahead of me so the -5 didn't hurt my standing any.

From the look of those groups, the new gun is noticeably tighter than the old one so any complaints I had about looseness before can now be safely disregarded.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Bloomberg Program I Can Support

What? I hear you howl. Well yes. He has stated that he's willing to spend all of his not inconsiderable money to try to get rid of Trump. Fine then, as I think his odds of success are sufficiently small as not to worry me. If he bankrupts himself, he'll have nothing left over for his idiotic anti-gun crusade, so win-win, no?

Friday, January 10, 2020

Prescient Software

In a demonstration of some facial recognition software for the City of Denver, the software identified 9 of the 13 members as registered sex offenders. Opponents of the use of the software say this should end any consideration of its use, but knowing that the city council has been screwing their constituents for years while managing to remain, for the most part, unarrested, I'd have to say the software was better than advertised, and classify it as "Prescient" rather than inaccurate.

Science Marches Onward - Gene Editing

Here is a link to an article in the New York Times on the state of the art in genetics that's lengthy, but well worth reading.
Imagine you could make a genetically transmitted trait super-dominant. The example here was to make all offspring of a batch of mosquitoes male. How long before the entire colony is wiped out? The answer is not very long if the bug is a fast-reproducing type, but in any case extinction will happen eventually since the trait is always passed along. Super-dominant, see?

The researcher is looking at the malaria-carrying mosquito as that is a clear and present threat. The opposition to wiping the little bugger out is irrational, but surprisingly strong. It seems to be coming from the same sort of anti-vaxers who travel from village to village in Pakistan, checking all the children and cutting off any arms that show signs of a smallpox vaccination.

Virginia Gun Laws

Here's an excerpt from a newsletter I get describing a proposed law restricting the kinds of ammunition you will be permitted to have in Virginia:
Delegate Levine has also introduced HB 899, which would ban the possession and use of “restricted firearm ammunition” in the state, and makes it a felony to own any ammunition that meets the following criteria:

(i) Teflon coated or coated with a similar product;(ii) commonly known as “KTW” bullets or “French Arcanes”; or(iii) cartridges containing bullets coated with a plastic substance with other than lead or lead alloy cores, jacketed bullets with other than lead or lead alloy cores, or cartridges of which the bullet itself is wholly composed of a metal or metal alloy other than lead, but the definition does not include shotgun shells or solid plastic bullets.
So you would be allowed only lead bullets. Next up is banning lead I suppose. Note that the all-copper slugs are already banned.

A handful of billionaires have figured out how to game the system to their own benefit and are making the most of the knowledge. First off you don't have to fund every Democrat in a state. Most of them have safe districts and would get re-elected if they came out in favor of cannibalism. Identify the close races and concentrate the funding there. It's cheaper to buy 2 or 3 seats than to try to buy the whole party.

Second, keep your people in line. Make sure they understand that if they get out of line, primary races cost comparatively little and they can be replaced very easily that way. Again in most districts the incumbent party has a huge advantage.

Third, know that over reaching can cost you some seats, but unsurprisingly not very many. See note 1 above. Timing is everything. Take the trifecta in a year ending in 0 and you get to draw the district lines in time for the next 5 elections, by the end of which opposition parties will be safely banned.

This will get the left safely entrenched. The next problem is staying there. If over reach is limited, they are probably safe for 20-30 years or more as witness Illinois, California, or New York, pretty much no matter how bad it gets. Keep in mind however the adage about leftism that it's easy to vote yourself into it but you must shoot your way out of it. Ex: Cuba, Venezuela. OK eastern Europe got out without shooting, but it took about 60 years and required the collapse of the parent government first.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Projects - Scooter Chair

At this point I'm ready to call this one done. All the elements are in place and about as neatly as I care to make them given that I have no plans to use this thing for transportation.
Hop on, hook up, take off.
Fairly simple to use, and not that hard to make now that I've made all the mistakes on this one. It's entered in a contest for assistive devices at Instructables.com which is now over. No bikini girls with oversized checks have shown up at my door yet but I think if I'd won I'd have heard by now. Oh well.

I guess I'll see if I can find a wheelchair user who wants to try this out and let them have it for a while. There's a Northern Colorado Maker Faire coming up in March in Longmont and I'll have it there.

UPDATE: Oh wait! voting is still open till the end of today it would seem. Hope springs eternal!

Prosperity Comes, Prosperity Goes

The Wall St Journal today has a lead editorial (paywall) describing how, in addition to population shifts from one state to another, the bigger story may well be the shift in state GDP that moves along with it. It doesn't move directly with the population of course, if one rich entrepreneur moves out of a state and takes his business with him, it has a much greater effect on the states economy that having several hundred "refugees" with no notable talents beyond an ability to apply for assistance and vote Democratic.

Shining examples of how not to do it include the usual suspects, California and New York, with special mention of the way population flows reversed in Connecticut after they established an income tax, and then raised it annually to one of the highest on the east coast.

Mentioned on the other end as a net gainer, is Colorado, where I live. We've seen a modest increase in state GDP over the last few years as disgruntled Californians and Chicagoan's move here to escape the taxes and regulation that have made their former home states such garden spots. A word of warning to any more who might be considering the move: The legislature this year has several taxation bills on offer that would eliminate our TABOR law which allows the taxpayers a veto over taxation proposals and establishes a modest 4.2% state income tax rate.

The problem with TABOR is that the now democratic-controlled legislature has a lot of splendid and worthwhile projects they would like to impose on us, and has discovered that the state cash cows are not providing enough milk to fund them. At the same time, there is a strong party-based movement to penalize charter schools as they seem to have a way of making the public schools look bad. The solution to all these problems is: Higher Taxes and no accountability. The legislature has some 30 proposals slated for the upcoming ballot which would abolish Tabor, make the income tax progressive, drive the oil and gas industry (5.6%* of the states economy) out of the state, and impose crushing burdens on the charter schools. Oh and did I mention, give Colorado's electoral college votes to California and New York?

Locally the powers that be in Denver and some of the surrounding towns are trying to make themselves more tolerant of the homeless. We all know how that worked out in L.A. and Portland. It's heading that way here with 2 or 3 panhandlers on every significant surface intersection in town.

Colorado look like a nice place to move to? Don't worry, by the end of 2020, if the legislature gets its way, it will be just as desirable as California or Chicago.

*Revised down. real numbers seem to be hard to come by and if you want a second opinion, that's easy as 6 or 7 will pop up on any search.

Monday, January 6, 2020

NICS Checks - A Record

Although December checks did not top the 2015 level set following the San Bernadino shootings, The happening of note was that NICS checks exceeded 2,000,000 every single month of this year. Decembers total of 2,936,894 is now the second highest ever.
Buy guns and ammo. They may soon come in handy. I'll put in a plug for my friends at Lucky Gunner for the ammo. Guns, I'm constantly assured, can be found lying in the streets, stalking the innocent with evil intent.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

QOTD - The Twenties

From Peggy Noonans column in todays Wall St Journal:

The past decade saw the rise of the woke progressives who dictate what words can be said and ideas held, thus poisoning and paralyzing American humor, drama, entertainment, culture and journalism. In the coming 10 years someone will effectively stand up to them. They are the most hated people in America, and their entire program is accusation: you are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic; you are a bigot, a villain, a white male, a patriarchal misogynist, your day is over. They never have a second move. Bow to them, as most do, and they’ll accuse you even more of newly imagined sins. They claim to be vulnerable victims, and moral. Actually they’re not. They’re mean and seek to kill, and like all bullies are cowards.
Everyone with an honest mind hates them. Someone will finally move effectively against them. Who? How? That will be a story of the ’20s, and a good one.
It's behind a paywall but if you can get there, the whole thing is worth the effort. I would remind the woke progressives I come in contact with that professional help is available even though some percentage of it will simply affirm their world view.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Trumps Benghazi

Now this is how it's supposed to be done:

From what I've been seeing, there were 7 dead and 2 arrested for the day:

Sulemani - 2-star general of Quds, #2 or 3 in all Iran
Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis - "The engineer" deputy chief of Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces)
Nurn Qasm - #2 man with Lebanon Hezbola
Redha al-Jubri - Head of protocol for Popular Mobilization Forces, Iranian sponsored militia in Iraq

Arrested the same day, 2 high functionaries with the Iranian presence in Iraq.

Quais al-Khazali - As head of the Special Groups, Khazali directed arms smuggling, formation of death squads to participate in sectarian violence, kidnappings, and assassinations, most notably the January 20, 2007 attack on American forces in Karbala.
Hadi al Ameri - the reported leader and secretary general of the Badr Organization, an Iranian-sponsored Shiite militia and political party based in Iraq.
 “One of [al-Amiri’s] preferred methods of killing allegedly involved using a power drill to pierce the skulls of his adversaries.”

The remaining 3 were likely chauffeurs and/or aides to the above.

All in all this looks like a huge win for Trump and Iraq. One hopes the 2 arrested are somewhere remote and quiet where they are filling our people in on the latest news from Tehran.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Fun With Headlines In The New Year – Iran

Found on Strategypage, this article looking at how the world is and speculating on how it might be

I found the bits on Iran to be interesting in light of their recent adventurism in Iraq. President Rouhani says Iran never bows to superpowers but their history tells a different, and much longer story.

From Strategypage this:
First there is Iran, which has been a regional superpower for thousands of years but fell on hard times after the 7th century because of a succession of damaging visits by invaders. First came conquest by the Arab revival (the initial wars of conquest by newly converted Moslem Arabs). This was humiliating because Persians never thought such a thing possible. That was followed by a devastating visit by the Mongols (1219-1221) after which came a series of exhausting wars with the Ottoman Turks and finally the Western nations and all their new tech and ideas.

The protests in Iran which have reportedly resulted in over 1500 deaths by the regime include some interesting demands by the protesters who are acutely tired of the Islamic dictatorship and are proposing some interesting changes:
Even more disturbing was that some of the protesters are calling for Islam to be banned and replaced with something else, like Zoroastrianism, the ancient Persian religion that Islam replaced, violently and sometimes incompletely in the 7th and 8th centuries.

Replacing Islam with almost anything would be a big help to Iran or anyone else. RTWT, mainly the first link. It's lengthy but covers most of the world and in a lot more detail than you get from CNN for sure.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020