Monday, November 9, 2020

Election Update - 3

This map from Bijourennaisanceman (sp?) tells a story of things still being way up in the air. Al Gore got 37 days and multiple recounts before he was forced to give up, so President Trump should get no less. 

 At this point it looks pretty reasonable to me although some of the tan colored states could probably be colored pink or light blue without actually assigning them to one side or the other. Is there fraud going on? Certainly! Is there any real chance that exposing it will actually change an outcome? Far less I'm thinking. Telling PA to segregate their ballots after they've been counted is a nice thought, but I suspect they've already been mixed together and the questionable ones are impossible to separate by now. Some "computer glitches" can seemingly be "unglitched"  as in MI but will that work anywhere else?

If Trump can pull this off and keep his 2 Senate seats in Georgia, there's a modest, but finite chance that some highly placed Democrats might go to jail. Otherwise nobody will be charged with anything and the green light to do this again in 2022 is given.

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Here's what the fraud experts have to say: