Thursday, November 26, 2020

Fun Shooting Stuff

 Lord! Do I hate this gloomy election stuff.

Yesterday a friend and I went to the range to evaluate a shooting drill to use in the club PCC matches. Based on a pistol drill from Shooting magazine if I remember right, the original drill calls for a 3 in circular target at 3 yards. The shooter stands with arms outstretched forward, gun holstered and loaded. At the signal he draws and fires 3 shots at the target. Par performance is 3 hits in 3 seconds or less. 

This is based on somebody's description of a typical gunfight. 3 shots at 3 yards in 3 seconds. For us PCC shooters, the regimen needs to be somewhat different. We kept the 3 in target, started from low ready, and moved the target out until 3 seconds began to look about right. 

Turns out the distance is probably 12 yards. At 12 yards Gary was getting all hits in about 2.5 seconds. I got one string like that, but I'm famously slow.

So there's a low ammo warmup stage. We didn't get to experiment further, but the A zone for a head shot on an IDPA target is 4 inches dia. Paint the head black except for the A zone and move it back to 16 yards. Same MOA and easy target availability. I think I'll make a 4 in mask to paint some targets with for the next match.

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