Monday, December 11, 2017

Gun Stuff - Fun With Headlines

From Town Hall, this:

Cuomo Condemns NYC Attacker and His 'Amateur Level Explosive Device'

Presumably Cuomo wanted the bomber to take some time, buy the Semtex, and make a real bomb. After all if they don't have at least 5 or 6 dead, it's that much more difficult to begin crying for more gun laws.

He also calls New York a resilient city that I guess has come to terms with regular terrorist attacks on defenseless citizens. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Gun Sales - The Hillary Effect

Gun sales in November were still a bit lower than November of last year suggesting that the prospect of President Clinton strikes more fear into the hearts of Americans than the possibility of any serious crime or terrorist attack.
A "Trump effect" may boost gun sales in December as early reduced demand results in lower prices, and increased employment results in more disposable income. Whatever. 2017 gun sales have topped 2016 only twice, and both times by only 3.7%. For only being a factor in one year, you have to think that Hillary is probably a better gun salesman than O'Bungler.

Now if only Paul Ryan weren't so anti gun.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Gun Law - CCR - The Senate

HR38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity and Fix NICS bill has now been sent to the Senate, where legislation goes to die.

HR 38 being "ordinary" legislation, it will need 60 votes to get through the Senate which means prying off 9 Donks which I don't see happening. What we might see is the Donks peeling off the CCR part of the bill and offering to pass just the Fix NICS part so they get the Feinstein-Schumer bill they wanted, and we get nothing as usual.

Tell your Senators it's either the whole deal or no deal, period.

An offer like that would pretty much guarantee that nobody gets anything and I hate to sound like Dudly, but there it is. All I can think of that might get this bill passes would be an amendment granting a one-time amnesty to philandering Congressmen.

This might open us up to charges of supporting dubious behavior by our elected officials and Lord knows there's plenty of that to go around already. There is of course the remote chance that the Donks want Fix NICS bad enough to accept CCR but frankly I doubt it.

Email your Senators, even the Donks since we need 9 of them, and urge them to support the whole bill as currently written.

DNC - Gott Mit Uns - The Mask Slips Just A Bit

As Nancy Pelosi  assures illegal immigrants that the DNC will take care of them if it's at all possible by invoking an old leftist slogan. One can just imagine what the DNC logo will look like in 2018:
Just superimpose the D over the swastika, and voila! the party is ready for 2018.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trumps Tax Bill - POV

Is it good? Is is bad? Depends on your point of View. EX:

Trucking fleets ordered 32,900 Class 8 trucks, the kind used on long-haul routes, in November, according to ACT Research, which compiles industry statistics. That was up about 70% from a year earlier. - WSJ today
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) hammered the Republicans’ tax-code overhaul Monday evening as a culture-shaking economic “armageddon” that would haunt the working class for years to come.
Flanked by other top Democrats in the Capitol, the minority leader blasted Republicans for championing a tax proposal she equated to “the end of the world.” - The Hill

So it's either the end of the world or it isn't. I suppose if your constituents are beggars looking for handouts, and some fellow comes along and offers them all jobs, you'd have to be alarmed. Advice to Congress on entitlement spending:

Dear Congressman:
Look guys and girls, we all know that entitlement spending is out of control and it's mostly your fault for not putting any limits on it to begin with. We also know that if you don't act to fix this, the country's headed for bankruptcy, possibly on YOUR watch. Additionally we understand that there are so many votes tied to getting free money from Washington that if you do anything, however ineffective, you'll lose your seat in your next election and that's if you're lucky enough to not lose your head in the riots, so here's a solution:

Enact Congressional term limits, effective immediately. 12 years in the house and/or 12 in the Senate, then either up or out. Just don't forget to include the golden parachute clause that continues your salary until you croak, tax free. Now you can pass the entitlement reform, save the country, and leave town with lots of money before anyone can connect you to a lamp post. Sound like a plan?

Your helpful constituent

Of course this probably won't fly with the party leadership who had envisioned their stern but paternal or maternal visages on portraits 20-30 feet square, hanging prominently from the Washington monument, staring at the capitol building to remind the survivors that they all have suicide notes on file in the White House.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gun Law - CCR

HR38, the concealed carry reciprocity law is/was being debated in the House today to see what the bill will look like in its final form. I've been to hearings like this before and while I could be watching the presentations live on YouTube, there is actually little point. Barring someone committing a major gaffe in a presentation or on the part of a committee member, every ones mind is already made up.

The drill is to let petitioners drone on for their allotted 2 minutes or so, then move to the next one. At the end of the hearings (beginning of happy hour) the committee members will check with their staff to see if the constituent mail is running any different from the day before, then vote the party line.

As of last check, HR 4437, the Fix NICS bill which would allow the municipal dogcatcher to opine on your qualification to keep and bear arms, has been added to HR38, the original bill. There are proposed amendments to take 4477 off, and take the original text of 38 off so we could see either of the bills or both in one package. There is one amendment that would expand the class of our betters, sitting congressmen, to allow them to carry anywhere they like, no restrictions.
Ensures that Members of Congress are afforded the greatest latitude regarding interstate concealed carry, commensurate with that of Federal Judges under this legislation.
A complete rundown of proposed amendments appears at No Lawyers.

I suppose we'll hear what we got tomorrow. As of today, most of the bad amendments have been voted down with a few left to consider.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Nasty Flinch You Got There

This story purports to reveal additional details of a police-involved shooting in my county back in March. Seems a suspect was having some bad inter reactions between painkillers, muscle relaxants, and alcohol when she called the cops and began making strange threats. So she got pulled over with maximum caution based on the threats where she became even less rational, one of the cops who shouldn't have had a finger on the trigger just yet fired a shot, and everyone joined in to the tune of 55 rounds fired. One officer, evidently using his car for cover, managed to put 28 rounds into the roof of his own car before the shootout ended, I'm thinking from a bad flinch causing the muzzle to depress.

The report says that additional training was ordered for all parties involved. The woman being shot at was completely unharmed.

CCR - How The Game Is Played

As mentioned here earlier, HR 38 - Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 has been sent to the House floor. It has been amended to add the Fix NICS bill which would greatly increase the numbers of prohibited persons in the NICS system. Hope your name doesn't match that of some person in an anti-gun state that has too many overdue library books or you will never get another gun or if you do, straightening the false alarm from NICS will take about 6 months per check.

More details at No Lawyers, but the plan is to dump CCR completely and pass only the anti-gun Fix NICS part. Contact your congress critters and protest this bit of back stabbing mightily. Demand a clean CCR bill.

Winter Interdependency

I like to build stuff. Often this happens in the garage where all the tools are. Lathe, mill, hacksaw, grinders, welders, etc, etc. The garage is insulated, but not heated. The problem is solved when the wife goes out on errands, or more accurately, when she comes back. If she remembers to close the garage door quickly, her car will warm the garage enough to comfortably work in for several hours.

The problem is to get her out of the house to run some errand. When it's cold out of course she wants to stay in and the garage never gets warmed up. Which is why I get so little done in the winter.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Having Fun

Pedals and Pints is a really nice meetup group that specializes in semi-organized bike rides around beginning at a craft brewery, and usually ending there after visiting 2 or 3 others. Today we started at Breckenridge brewery with an Agave Wheat, rode to Dead Hippie Brew Co for a brown ale, and thence to Boggy Draw Brewery fora Stuck Truck Dunkelweiser.

Your beer may vary, but that's what I had. Not bad for an 11 mile ride up and down the Platte trail. Actually there were 2 more brewery's on that route we didn't stop at, but we'll get to them next time.

Great bunch of people and a great time.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Questions About The Norks

Li'l Fat Kim has just tested a missile roughly equivalent to a Titan II only with a mobile launcher similar to, but much bigger than the one proposed for our Midgetman ICBM. Having worked on this sort of stuff myself, I can assure you that the design and building of them is non trivial and quite expensive. Seeing all this technological advancement from a country that is probably the economic equivalent of Detroit makes me wonder.

The story on the launchers is that they were provided to the Norks by the Chinese (surprise, surprise) ostensibly to be used to transport logs with their timbering industry. Nice story. The launchers are big, heavy, and relatively inflexible thus requiring some pretty good roads to operate on. Yes, they can run on dirt roads, but the dirt needs to be deep hard packed gravel and not the sort of thing that turns to mud every spring, and winds tightly up the sides of mountains.

The Norks have also had a great run of good luck with the missiles in test with only a few failures before running like they had been extensively tested already, like in China for example.
Found this pic at Theo Spark. I'm thinking that it's missing the hand of Chinese God-King* Xi stuck up Kims butt. Also Chinese missile and troop movements to the North of China and along the NK border make it look like Xi is trying to goad Trump into attacking Kim so the Chinese can intervene on behalf of their brothers like they did the last time. It would be unlike the Chinese to toss a useful ally/stooge like Kim summarily under the bus although for the right price...

There are currently 3 U.S. Carrier groups hovering around N.K. In the event of hostilities, I would be trivially easy for Kim to launch 3 of his smaller missiles in a nuclear ballistic attack against them. To the best of my knowledge, the carriers have only limited defenses against such an attack although the missile frigates accompanying them might well surprise us. With the "unfortunate loss" of the carriers, the Chinese buildup in the South China Sea goes on pretty much unchallenged and the Norks take the fall.

Or maybe my blood sugar is a bit low this morning.

UPDATE: Others have noticed as well.

*It is an Emperors prerogative of course to call himself anything he wants. The Chinese have already published a New Revised Koran and made possession of old ones illegal. Additionally the Chinese Government has taken it upon itself to appoint the senior leadership of the Catholic Church in China, and is encouraging all Christians to replace aging images of Jesus with similar images of Xi.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Robots Move Closer

Found this on IOTW: The latest minimalist robot, sort of an Alexis with a moveable face named Fur Hat. The first place I can see for "Furrie" is reporting the news, sports, and weather. Use a face appropriate to the job, and voila! you get to fire 3 highly overpaid talking heads. Think of it: A 50 something white man for the news, a 40 something black man for the sports, and a 20 something female for the weather. Just change wigs during the commercial breaks.

Watch the video at the link and think about the evening news.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fun Shooting

My local club IDPA was today and the stages had carbine written all over them, so I used the carbine.
Here's stage 2 called Turkey Shoot, 2 targets, first one shot from 15 yards, seated at a table:
 Here's a closeup of the target.
Look carefully, there are 4 threats and 2 no-shoots on this and the threats are all at least 50% armored. Under the new rules, the no-shoots will cost you 5 points per hit on them so if you're going for head shots on that lower middle one, aim carefully.

Having fired 8 shots, 2 per threat with no misses I presume, the shooter moves up to the left side of the barrels, some 7 yards from target set #2
 and staying on the right side of the fault line, fires on the 5(!) threats while not hitting the no-shoot.
Again the threats are all at least 50% armored. I do not remember what the scenario story behind this was, but since the Rules state that all stages must have a story, I will obligingly make one up:

As a highly paid and highly alert security guard in the Phinias T. Phogbound Congressional office building, you are seated at your desk with your gun and all loading devices on the table in front of you when a scream from down the hallway alerts you to trouble. Looking up you see a congressional rules making committee attempting to grope 2 congressional aides. Without getting up, you engage the gropers without injuring the gropees. Hearing further commotion from around the corner, you scoop up your magazines and move to the corner conference room where you find even worse, 5 congressmen attacking a single aide. Again defend the aide.

There, see? Literature worthy of Larry Correia. Except that he would develop the personalities of every one involved, the gropers would be taken from the AD&D guide book, and he would have received a six figure advance before hitting a single keystroke.

Hmmmm. IDPA stages as basis for action adventure novels? Hmmmm...

You don't often see targets like these two in IDPA matches, but we're rather limited for space. The whole bay is 42 ft wide and 26 yards deep so each stage needs to fit a 21 foot wide area. It kinda cramps your style and places a premium on creativity.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

QOTD - Insults

Found this quote at Ace of Spades:
“When someone calls you a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe because you happen to disagree with them about tax policy or same-sex marriage or abortion, that’s bullying. When someone slanders you because you happen to disagree with them about global warming or the government shutdown, that’s bullying. When someone labels you a bad human being because they disagree with you, they are bullying you. They are attacking your character without justification. That’s nasty. In fact, it makes them nasty.”
― Ben Shapiro
What Shapiro left off is the ending: Following an accusation of this sort, one should gracefully and politely acknowledge the accusers tacit admission of defeat.