Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Tried driving this year. Worked OK going out, not so well on the return. The North West seems to be on fire again with the smoke starting at Cheyenne and only getting worse as you went West. Salt Lake City looked like Peking. Reno not so hot either.
There are 2 mountain ranges in the background. Trust me.
Out to the range to play with toys

Back to the hotel for technical talk on the Gardner and mike's Hi Standards
Off to the Reno Guns and Range (RGR) for an informal steel challenge match

If you're ever in Reno, make it a point to visit RGR. Big, well lit, well ventilated range, second range being installed, shoot room for simunition training being installed, classroom, and projection room. The showroom is large and not yet fully populated. The gunsmith has a nice machine shop in the back. Reasonable rates at the range as well.
Tried my own ghost ring sights and yes, they work as advertised.
Tried the Hi Point 4095 at the outdoor range and was hitting the gong at 200 yards.

And a big thanks to our sponsors. There was lots of stuff for the drawings but by the time I got the camera unlimbered:
Back packs and range bags, a scope, a red dot, specialty gloves, etc, etc.
Next year I'm going to see if we can't work in talks from some of us on the current state of gun laws in our individual states.

Time Off

Sheesh! You take 2 working days off and the world goes to Hell in a handbag.
So remember folks, be ready when the unwashed hordes come thundering over the horizon.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ghost Ring Sights

I bought a ghost ring sight for my Ruger Mk 1 several years ago and have fallen in love with it since. Improve my groups? Absolutely. Putting the target in the center of the ring and keeping it there is much easier than aligning a notch-and-blade setup and then trying to hold that onto a target, especially an irregular one.

People who have tried my gun like the sights as well and want to know where to get one. The original source seems to be deceased so I had some made.

The originals were also made of soft steel which tended to bend if the gun was bounced about, say by TSA agents with no concept of the phrase "This Side Up". Mine are 4130 and laser cut so should be more durable. I'll have these on the market as soon as I can figure out how without incurring the anti-gun wrath of e-bay or Pay Pal. The current batch fits Rugers with adjustable sights. I'm not sure about others. If the demand is there, variations can certainly be produced.

More as it develops.

Out Of The Frying Pan

So this year instead of putting up with the morons of the TSA and flying to GBRX, I've found a co-conspiritor who sees this as a birthday vacation and we're driving. 1000miles in one day.

Not impossible by any means, with 2 of us to swap off back and forth. Set the cruise control for the speed limit +5 mph and try to stay between the lines. At this point we only have to sweat the county mounties, some of which have discovered the joys of civil forfeiture. Add to that the circumstance of driving in a vehicle with Colorado plates and holding a high average speed becomes less likely.

Humboldt county looks to be the tricky spot with Sgt Lee Dove being the head road agent. Since we're going to Reno, perhaps a quick visit to Reno attorney John Olsen who has successfully sued the Humboldt DA a couple times to see if a RICO suit would be in order at some point. He has already won a class action suit that resulted in the return of several peoples money.

Humboldt county has become so notorious for this that the press is calling for state law revisions to put an end to it. The bill passed in June and was signed by the governor. It becomes effective Oct 1.

I miss the old days when you could get in your car and go on vacation to get away from it all.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Japaese Beetles

The latest plague to befall Colorado is the Japanese Beetle. Last year I saw a few on my raspberries. This year they're all over. Dealing with them has become the stuff of folklore with everyone having their favorite method.

 Use Organic Neem oil; some are pretty sure this works. Use inorganic Neem oil; there seems to be more certainty about that especially when mixed with Dawn detergent. Possible drawback is that it affects the bees as well.

Malthion 50 works for certain if you don't mind that is works equally well on anything with too many legs.

Traps are popular with some but the caveat is that since they are based on an attractant, the ones that don't make it all the way to the trap wind up on your plants. To the observation of myself and my neighbor, the traps work over a wide area and will eventually deplete the population. The joke goes that we should each buy a six-pack of traps and give one to each of our neighbors thus creating a safe zone in the middle.

I got several hundred right away and am now getting much fewer so good. The gardeners say to empty the traps into a bucket of soapy water to kill the little bastards off. What they forgot to mention is that 5-700 Japanese beetles, even in soapy water quickly begin to stink. Note to self: Empty the trap into the bucket, then soon empty the bucket into the toilet.

Milky Spore is a longer term defense as the bacteria attack grubs in the ground. It takes 2 years to become established, and is not available here as the Colo Dept of Agriculture does not yet recognize the JB as a notable pest.

If I had a lower growing crop than the raspberries, I'd fence them off and borrow some chickens from the urban farmer up the street. The chickens think the JB's taste like candy.

Hillary's Next Interview

Reporter: Mrs. Clinton, if you are elected president, what will be your first official act?

Clinton: Pardon me?

Reporter: Thank you.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hillary Bumper Stickers

Hillary '16!
Honesty is so last century.

Hillary '16!
Put her in the White House
Before they put her in the Big House!

Voting 3rd party means never having to admit you elected her.

Shortcut to Smarts

Folks in England have discovered that altering a single gene to suppress production of a single enzyme can make mice noticeably smarter and bolder.
Researchers from Britain and Canada found that altering a single gene to block the phosphodiesterase-4B (PDE4B) enzyme, which is found in many organs including the brain, made mice cleverer and at the same time less fearful.
 If this gets out of the lab, it could spell trouble for the rest of us. Just think: That mousetrap you put out is now located next to your bed for you to find first thing in the morning. The sticky mouse paper has been relocated to your toilet seat and your cat is now wearing bells.

Of course there is a down side. The treated mice may be quick learners, but they lose a bit of the characteristics that enable a prey animal to be successful such as the inclination to live in dark out-of-the-way places. A mouse that walks up to the cats dish, pulls the cats whiskers and walks off with a piece of cat kibble may live to produce may more such wiseass mice. Then again it may not.

In humans this could lead to some otherwise blustery windbag standing in front of a TV camera and demanding to be elected president because he/she obviously deserves it.

Oh wait...

There are probably other genes, as yet undetected that serve to moderate the production of the PDE4B enzyme rather than simply turn it on or off. Folklore abounds with tales of clever, daring people who wound up either rich captains of industry, tinpot dictators, or dancing on the end of a rope.

Is Colorados Governor Human?

It may be a valid question as Governor Hickenlooper has now followed up his quaffing of fracking fluid with a bottle of water from the lately orange Animas river.

Next we'll be hearing that the Governors Thanksgiving feast included baked fiberglass with asbestos gravy.

Idle minds speculate wildly.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

NICS Data - Gun Sales

Here's the comparative data for the last 5-1/2 years for NICS checks.
The 2015 curve looks to be following the same profile the previous years have shown but at the rate it's going it's projecting slightly lower overall sales for the year. This is probably because of early peaks in 2014 and 2013. If the bump over the average holds, the final number should be noticably higher.

Year on year, NICS check numbers keep going up at a slightly increasing rate. As it becomes more readily apparent that the administration doesn't have a real problem with violence, more and more people will be willing to fill the gap. Sad, but true.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Box

This one is being composed on the tablet. The chiclets will take a while to get used to.

New box

So to speak. Anticipating an exciting vacation to GBRX, I've got a new tablet. Now to see if I can make it work.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Fun With Debates

Some on the left are predictably whining that the candidates were not asked any questions from the lefty grab bag. Someone with a camera and a few friends to play some of the candidates could have some fun showing liberal hacks asking the candidates loaded and factually deficient questions and the "candidates" giving back the answers we'd like to hear.

Q "The United States is currently experiencing 2 or more mass shootings daily. In light of this do you favor more common sense gun laws to keep guns out of the hands of the public?"

Gov. Christie: "My state has the toughest gun laws in the country  and I think our record for gun violence speaks for itself."

Gov Perry: "My state has the laxest gun laws in the country  and I think our record for gun violence speaks for itself."

Mr Trump: My bodyguards all have guns and they haven't had to shoot anyone."

I see a good SNL skit here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Justice Department Not A Bunch Of Crooks

They said so, in effect by declaring that Operation Choke Point was not used to cut off legitimate gun dealers from banks because they never used Operation Choke Point to cut off legitimate gun manufacturers from bank access.

Of course Colt, Remington, et al were never bothered. It was Charlies Live Bait and Guns. Charlie can't afford the fancy lawyers.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Windows 10 - Spyware Included At No Extra Charge

It looks like the marketing wonks at Microsoft have gotten loose and are well and truly running the asylum.

Is Win 10 better than Win 8? I'm told Win 8 is pretty awful except on a touch screen, but would it be worth installing all that spyware to get rid of it?