Sunday, December 4, 2016

Coming Soon To Harbor Freight - Drones

And not just any toy-store drones either.
The CH-5 Rainbow is in the same league as the US made Reaper according to the vendor. More details here but you know these things will show up at Harbor Freight sooner or later.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


To bowdlerize a bit it's been said that "If it's got wheels or (primary sex characteristics) it'll be trouble." Also that second marriage, or second car is the triumph of hope over experience.

My car had been fitted with a "clear bra" some years ago and had been parked outdoors for quite a while. Now it's equipped with a yellow bra, and while that might be a fetching color on a lady, it's a bit tatty on the Camaro.

Getting it off turns out to be moderately difficult depending on how long its been on and what's underneath it. A heat gun from Harbor Freight will start the process but the material becomes bore brittle with age so the video of the coating being removed from a brand new high end Porsche isn't realistic.

Since heat is involved, you're probably best served to wait until spring or summer when you have a good head start on the heating process simply by parking out in the sunshine. Add heat and the glue softens.

One other caution. Those sporty stripes and logos the company put on the car when it was new? They're glued on too, using the same adhesive, with the same melting point as the bra.

The good news is that the finish under the bra seems to be like new.

The Future Of Transportation - Traffic Jams

Not the naturally occurring type either, but deliberately caused ones. The lefty thought process that goes; 1. Cars cause pollution, 2. Roads cause cars*, 3. Fewer roads means fewer cars = less pollution.

Never mind that a shortage of roads causes traffic jams that result in more pollution, the latest iteration of this is that when traffic comes to a complete halt, people will migrate to public transportation. That won't move either but if misery loves company, you'll be happier trapped in a traffic jam with 50-60 others.

In NYC the mayor there is deliberately fouling traffic in an attempt to force more people onto the already overloaded subways and buses. A picture of Manhattan from a high office will show that 80% of the jammed up cars below are bright yellow so the plan winds up fouling the public transport as well. This is also expected to encourage bicycles and walking, to which I say, I've seen pictures of NYC in winter and doing either through a foot or two of snow doesn't seem all that attractive.

Eventually I suppose the denizens of the most afflicted places will acquaint themselves with the older tradition of dealing with politicians who can't or won't serve their constituents, involving a bucket of tar, a couple of chickens, and a bit of assembly work. That or business people will eventually figure out that in the age of the internet, there is little reason for a lot of businesses to be located in any specific location. The exception to this is actual manufacturing which required supply chains of actual materials in and out. The NYSE by contrast could be physically located in central Kansas and the move would be transparent to its customer base.

* When a congested roadway is widened, for some reason it quickly becomes congested again and needs further widening. It never fails.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How To Succeed In Education

First off don't major in education. Major in something useful like deconstructionism of gay female African pottery, then get a job as the administrator of multiculturalism at the local middle school. Think I'm kidding? Check this:
The first hint is that staffing is going up faster than the student population. The second clue is that administrators are getting hired faster than teachers.

One other takeaway is that Colorado student population seems to be growing at least twice the rate of the other states in this article. People are fleeing the socialist hell holes like CA, IL, and NJ and coming here, where they vote in more socialists. Better border controls are obviously called for.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Science Marches Onward

Like it or not. Now you can experiment with DNA, then jump start yourself electrically.

What could go wrong?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Political Pranks 2 - Recounts

It has occurred to several people that the Stein-Clinton-Soros recounts are quite unlikely to alter the election results. Hill would have to flip all three states to do this and the margins, while small, amount to a lot of votes.

Thing to notice here is that Jill Steins fund-me site seemed to be getting a donation of $650,000 every day at the same time. Also her lawyer on this effort is closely connected to George Soros. Big surprise here. So given that the effort is unlikely to change anything, why do it?

Credibility. If the three states are tied up in court with a slow moving recall, they may be unable to have their electors vote with the Electoral college on the designated date. This will leave the total 223-260 or thereabouts meaning that neither candidate will have enough votes to be declared the winner so the vote goes to the legislature which is currently controlled by Republicans. The House will elect Trump, and the Senate will elect Pence and so what?

The point would be to reduce the legitimacy of Trumps win for talking point purposes. Selected, not elected all over again although that argument carried little enough weight back in 2001 that I can't imagine it carrying as much this time outside of the NYT building. Just a Soros supplied red herring.

Delaying tactics are a specialty of lawyers with weak or non-existant cases so expect  endless delays over procedures to be followed should the recount requests be granted, and remember it's all 3 or nothing here. If only one state turns down the request, it all disappears in a cloud of unicorn farts.

UPDATE: Apparently that is the strategy, although missing the application deadline in Pennsylvania negates the effort.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Bad News From Ohio State

For certain definitions of bad news within the media.

1. No one was killed. Except for the perp, and he doesn't count.
2. The perp wasn't white.
3. The perp wasn't conservative. Being a Somali refugee, it's a pretty good bet he didn't vote for Trump.
4. The perp wasn't a Tea Partier.
and worst of all
5. No gun was used. Except by the cop who shot the perp.

Didn't slow down the knee-jerk calls for gun control though. Beware fake news.

GOP Prepares To Sell Us Out

So the election is over and your party now holds the coveted legislative/executive trifecta. Congratulations! But wait, some in the legislature are still butt hurt that their horse isn't in the executive stable. What will they do? What WILL they do?

Why, switch sides of course. Notwithstanding the Dems avowed intent to abolish the filibuster to put President Clintons judges on the supreme court, several highly placed Republicans are prepared to leave it in place to prevent Trump from getting his appointments seated. This could presumably be extended to any of Trumps policies requiring legislation. This is the sort of get along, go along behavior that culminated in Trumps election in the first place.

I suppose we're now officially a 3-party country; The Socialists on the left, calling themselves Democrats, The Capitalists on the right, calling themselves Republicans, and a center-left party supporting taxes and regulation masquerading as Republicans straddling the center.

To quote a famous Italian: "Nothing is more difficult than to establish a new order of things."

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Having A Good Day

Finished in the top 25% in the club IDPA match, the new microwave arrived a day early, and here's a suggestion for all those Thanksgiving leftovers.
I've heard worse.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

English Lesson

Bears repeating:
Found here.

The Old Order Passes

The Democrats have now lost both the center-right pole of the party with the death of Ted Kennedy and retirement of Harry Reid, and now the center-left with the passing of Fidel. What will they do?

Oh wait, they've still got Keith Ellison and Nancy Pelosi along with wise advisors like Sheila Jackson Lee. If Hillary can stay out of jail for the next 4 years, she'll be tanned, rested, medicated, and ready for the 2020 race so maybe all is not lost for the Donks.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Political Pranks

'Tis the season for them and I'm waiting with baited breath to see what the Obama administration has planned to discomfort the incoming Trump folks. Remember when W took over just in time for the EPA to reduce the allowed levels of Arsenic in drinking water from 50ppb to 10. Sounds great, but the 50ppb had worked out just fine up to that point and was in line with levels of naturally occurring Arsenic found in the water in many areas of the south west. Bush eventually got this regulation cancelled but not before the press roasted him for upping the allowed level of Arsenic by a factor of 5.

For pranks like this to work, you have to wait until the last possible moment before the opposition ogre is sworn in, then beat him up for the consequences. In Trumps case I'm expecting Janet Yelin to announce an increase in interest rates, probably a week before the inauguration. The Obama people have been holding interest rates down for the last 8 years in an effort to get the economy going, stepping on the gas as it were. Unfortunately high taxes and additional layers of regulation are like holding the brake pedal down, so no movement. Japan has been trying this for the last 30 years or so and it hasn't worked there either.

When Obama took office, we were paying interest on $8T in debt. As of today we are paying interest on $20T in debt although at a lower rate than in 2008. If the rate is raised, we will be paying a good deal more in interest and less will be available in discretionary funding for whatever pet projects Trump has in mind. There will be pressure from the Dems to raise taxes to cover the increased debt payments and derision from the press if Trumps back pedals on lowering taxes.

Other such stunts are certainly possible and the administration has until Jan 22 to think of them. What they will be I don't know. That some sort of wrench will be tossed into the wheels, I have little doubt.


Made it through the Feast with everyone happily stuffed, including the dog who made out like the proverbial bandit when D'wife dropped a container of gravy on the floor. The only casualty was the microwave which gave up the ghost after being asked to reheat one more 5-person helping of something or other.

1. Boston Market makes a fine pre-packaged and pre cooked Thanksgiving spread. Minimum fuss except for reheating the sides.
2. Beaujolais Nouveau is a fine red that goes well with turkey and goes down easily. Only available for about 2 weeks around Thanksgiving. Go grab a bottle.
3. Crown Royal Rye is over rated, at least to my taste. Suitable for Irish coffee but a bit harsh to drink straight up.  Buffalo Trace is better but I still prefer Black Grouse or Shanahans Colorado Whiskey. YMMV.

The Fix Is In

And guess who's on the wrong side of it this time? Seems the Obama just-us department has already certified the so called "sanctuary cities" as being out of compliance with federal law
Because of the foresight of a Texas Congressman, President Trump will be able to end certain funding to the largest sanctuary cities plus the entire state of California on his first day as President. Working quietly, Culberson convinced the existing Justice Department to certify those cities as non-compliant with federal law, thereby making them vulnerable to loss of money from Washington.
I suppose that no one believed that President Clinton would go so far as to insist that federal law be complied with in this case. Around here this would mean Denver, Boulder, and Aurora. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Federal Spending Cuts

There is an e-mail going around with a long list of proposed federal spending cuts which is being attributed to Paul Ryan.

I did some digging. This is sort of an executive summary of HR 408 by Jim Jordan of Ohio. The official title is the Spending Reduction Act of 2011 which tells you how seriously anyone took these suggestions under Obama.
Second link includes the text you might be seeing.

It's a nice list but to my mind it's mostly just cosmetic trimming around the edges. If anyone's really interested in cutting spending, there are multiple government departments that could profitably be taken out behind the D.C. barn and shot.