Thursday, September 29, 2016

Definition: Renewable Energy

An energy source that usually comes back when the sun rises or the wind begins blowing again.

Of course if you're heavily dependent on the stuff, and a big storm hits, the renewable part may take a bit longer.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Scoring The Debates

Because everyone else is doing it.
Drudge has Trump winning big:
I'm sure the New York Times has a similar poll with similar proportions showing Hill the winner. It's a problem with polling your own followers or employees. Maybe Real Clear Politics will give us an average of some 10 or more polls from reputable sources. Meantime here's a good sized set. I counted so you don't have to. Trump won 16:1 by varying amounts.

My take:
1. Trump didn't fly off the handle and Hill didn't collapse. Kudos to Trumps shrink and Hill's medical team. Her cosmetologist deserves credit as well, she didn't look a day over 40. I had a quiet side bet with myself that neither of them would make it past the 1 hour mark. I lost, so I owe myself a beer.

2. Hill was more polished and better prepared. I suppose that spending 11 hours before a Senate panel repeating the 5th amendment is good practice, although he performance at remembering all those talking points makes you wonder about why she can't seem to remember anything else when seated in front of a Senator.

3. Hill put out some whoppers that Trump let slide. Yes he called her on some, but he missed several as well. The audience seemed to be catching the BS fairly well.

4. Hill pushed the "racist, crazy" meme and Trump brought up the "crooked, untrustworthy" bits which seemed to stick better.

I watched the debate with a bunch of fellow deplorables at the Waters Edge Winery 2101 East Arapahoe Road #101 which isn't near any water at all. The black rasberry Merlot was delicious. To see how this helps the candidates, go here.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Word Of The Day - Occipital Neuralgia

You don't want to experience this. I couldn't lift my coffee cup or tilt my head far enough to drink it. I'm told it will go away on its own but the duration is 1-25 days.

Can't sit up, can't lie down,
Can't look left or right
Can't look around.
Abra Abra Cadabra
This thing will reach out and grab ya.

Update: Or maybe not. Could be just what we used to call "a crick in the neck." Treated with painkillers and heating pad and have cancelled the order for a fancy powered wheel chair.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Answering Machine

The new message for the Clinton administration. I imagine Trumps would be quite a bit different.

Thank you for calling the White House. Our normal business hours are from 9 AM to 3 PM Eastern Standard time, Tuesday through Thursday. If you are hearing this message during these hours, we are either with another supplicant or in the hospital. Please stay on the line to hear the important options available.

Press 1 to make a donation to the Clinton Foundation. Upon confirmation of the deposit, you will be given the number of my personal Blackberry. Seven figure minimum, six figures is for cabinet secretaries.

If you are calling about a social justice issue, press 2 to be connected to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

If you are under attack and need help, press 3 to be connected to the State department. If you are with the State Department, press 4 to be connected to the Pentagon. If you are with the Pentagon, press 3.

If you are female and trying to reach Bill, please hang up and call his personal number, 69-BIG CIGAR.

If you are an attorney, press 5 to be connected to the Justice Department. If you are the justice department, you either already have my personal Blackberry number or you don't really need to talk to me.

For all other problems and for expedited service, press 1.

Thank you for calling and have a nice day.

Debate Criteria

At this point if Donald can keep his foot out of his mouth, and Hillary can keep her face off the floor, I'll call the top level a tie and move on to positions on issues, assuming that any actually get addressed.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Bad Polling Data

Here's an aggregate of 2 separate polls which the Donks probably find depressing:
But this is only part of the problem. Right now Hill and the Don are running nearly neck and neck which implies to me that if Bigfoot was on the ballot, as a Libertarian for example, he'd be running away with the election.

Libertarians have hope! Pick the right candidate and win the election. Just not this year.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

9mm Fails To Penetrate Ballistic Gelatin

Here's the shocking evidence on video.

Now I've forgotten where I first found the link.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Gun Fun - Cheap Ammo in the 4095

Sometimes the stuff will surprise you. I got some Blazer 155gr .40 S&W from my good friends at Lucky Gunner while I was at Gun Blogger Rendezvous and the stuff delivered better accuracy than my hand loads and before the snark surfaces, way better than the Remington UMC and Winchester commercial stuff I had been trying. I was wondering what all was going on there as I've noticed that the Hi Point 4095 generally seems to like the heavier bullets (180gr) better than the lighter ones (mine were 165gr) and the Blazers were 155gr RNFP jacketed.

Took some down to the club range and ran them through the chroney. Nice tight groups and:

Shot     MV
1          2127
2          2150
3          2153
4          2236
5          2200

Avg     2173
Dev      62.8, 2.8%

My previous high score was about 1500 fps with 165 gr bullets and a full load of Power Pistol. This is  a bit more than 30% faster and more accurate to boot. for comparison:

Bullet Velo Wt, gr M, slugs Ek, ft-lb PF
Blazer .40 2173 155 0.0006876664 1623.6 336.8
Typ .223 3000 60 0.0002661934 1197.9 180.0
Typ .40 1200 165 0.0007320319 527.1 198.0 

The .40 numbers are from my carbine with 16.5" barrel. I'm impressed. I guess I'll have to get some more.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Medical Advances

Here's a doctor who knows how to drum up business. This note was issued to Churchill.
Found this on Power Line.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Birtherism - Definition

‘Birtherism,’ the now-discredited suspicion that Obama was telling the truth when he claimed for many years to have been born in Kenya.
                                       Ed Driscoll on Insty

So as a "foreign student" at Columbia, did he get a discount on his tuition? Did he defraud Columbia?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chicago Attacks Gang Problem, Sort Of

Chicago has announced an attack on one of its more violent gangs, the Hobos, bringing some 6 of them up on assorted charges. Seems they have been getting into the drug and "services" trades and killing anyone who objects.

I've never heard of the Hobos but I'm sure this will return control of the above mentioned trades to the rightful owners, the Crips, Bloods, and the Latin Kings, all of whom have a working relationship with their respective aldermen in Chicago.

Cynical of me I suppose but somehow I suspect that a timely donation to the right people could have averted the crackdown.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


More news from GBR this time to include results from the steel challenge match we held on Saturday.

Anthony Welsch CF-LR

Keith Hunwick CF-LR
Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7

Stage 8


Total Score


Mike Gallion RF-O CF-O
Bill Llewellin RF-I
Stage 3

Glock 26.80
Stage 4
11.24 18.43

Stage 5
8.42 18.16

Stage 6
8.11 13.18

Stage 7
11.71 16.19

Stage 8
11.51 25.05


Total Score
50.99 91.01


Myles CF-LR

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7

Stage 8

Total Score

There was no Stage 3, that was me trying Stage 4 with my IDPA pistol so that score isn't counted toward my total. Thanks to Lizzie for putting this spreadsheet together. Also it's fun to shoot at a range frequented by the wealthy as the ground is littered with once-fired brass.

Derrik Cecil gave us a fine lecture on the use of tourniquets and other first aid one might need on a really bad day at the range. Very edifying as it even included treatment of sucking chest wounds. Just the thing to go with the emergency first aid kit I won.

 I caught everyone Sunday morning at breakfast and joined in the discussion about the future of GBR then decided to skip the simulation shooting at Reno Guns and Range and just hit the road. Made it all the way to Rock Springs where I missed my exit in the dark, came back, fouled up my carefully written directions, couldn't find the Super 8 motel I was looking for and wound up staying at the Motel 6.

NOTE to travelers: If you just need a room for the night, for about $10 more, Super 8 beats the pants off Motel 6 with free Wi-Fi and morning food. Of course if all you need is a bed and a shower, Motel 6 will fill the bill.

Speeds coming back were right up there with the speeds going out, in the upper 70's all the way until I decided to try Google's recommendation of US 287 from Larimie to Ft Collins. 287 was 70 mph with 3 lanes, 2 uphill and 1 down hill so not too bad until:
1. Owl Canyon road which allows you to skip driving through Ft. Collins turned out to be dirt so I passed it up, and
2. 287 into Ft Collins is under some major construction so average speeds for about 20 miles ran to about 15 mph. 25 miles shorter sure, but WAY slower. Should have gone with Owl Canyon.
3. All that plus heavy traffic on I25 and municipal traffic cut my average speed from Rock Springs to home to 67.5 mph.
4. The 6 cyl Camaro gets 30 mpg at 85 mph with the A/C off, and 28.6 mpg with the A/C on.

Hill Campaign Pivot

Here's the latest bumper sticker:
Pining for the fjords, she is.

QOTD - Ms. Inevitability

Found at National Review, you have to wonder if the candidate doesn't have a plan to deal with this problem.

You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? [Laughter/applause]. The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. Now some of those folks, they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.
It would be reasonable to suppose that the merely deplorables would be given re-education at special centers for extended education.

The irredeemables would go directly to the dog food factory.

And you thought Trump had a rough-edged bedside manner.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Trump v Sanders?

Or just an example of life imitating art
in a real-life (?) Weekend At Bernie's.

Several other alternatives here.