Sunday, June 8, 2014

Making A Case For Mag Limits

Looking over the article on the Seattle shooting, I got to thinking: The gunman was using a shotgun, presumably a pump action or semi-auto and not a "Biden Special. The hero in the affair used pepper spray to augment his rush on the shooter as he was reloading.

Typically an auto-loading or pump action shotgun will carry 5+1 rounds, so the shooter was limited to 6 rounds to start with. Just think; if shotguns (and everything else) were limited to two rounds like Joe B's, the shooter might have been stopped much quicker.Arguments in favor of 2-round capacity begin in 3...2...1...

Of course if the building monitor had been a CCW with a typical pistol. the shooter might not have been able to kill anyone. Remember: Mass shootings don't happen because there's a man with a gun. They happen because there's only ONE man with a gun.

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R said...

Latest reports are the idiot was using a double barrel shotgun (possibly an o/u trap gun) and one of the ejectors malfunctioned.