Monday, June 16, 2014

GBR Vacation

Been thinking about GBR for this year which will be in September unless it gets changed. I live about 800 miles away as the crow flies, or about 1600 miles as Southwest Airlines does it. TBD miles but 24 hours on Amtrak, or about 1000 miles on I-70. Driving means bringing as much junk as I can fit into the car and no TSA checks BUT lately law enforcement has been targeting cars with Colorado plates.

Perhaps what I need is one of those diamond-shaped window hangers that usually says "Baby on Board" only mine would read "Driver carries NO weed!"

Been trying to find one of those on-line sticker printers so I could make a prototype, but essentially no one seems to make that style of sign. Probably wouldn't work anyway as I've noticed that the police are seldom disposed to take my word for anything.

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