Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Confirming Astroturf

When the gun controllers boast that "90% of people surveyed support more gun control" how do you fact check that? Certainly if you ask people if barking moonbats should have firearms nearly everyone will agree that they should not. This does not, however, support the notion that some panel of appointed nannies should get a vote on your next gun.

Dan Cannon at Guns Save Lives checked the premise by Googling the various key words and phrases. Turns out the NRA is more popular than any of the anti-gun groups to the point that searches for the antis are down in the statistical noise.

In the interest of fairness, I note that searches for "NRA" typically run about 50% higher than searches for "gun control" which is statistically significant. Both are dwarfed by searches for "AR-15" although this could be explained by journalists looking up the term to see what it actually is in addition to ordinary citizens looking to buy one.

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