Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kinetics - Longmont, CO

Yesterday was the 35th annual kinetic sculpture race, now held in Longmont, having been evicted from Boulder. The strange contraptions are there

along with some simple but effective vehicles:

This one featured a ducted fan and two methods for steering. It seemed to move fairly well. It was called Zebra Mussel Invasion.
The shark had been there before. It's well built and fast. The wheels are removed when it hits the water which slows things down for a minute or two while things get relocated, but the pickup in speed more than makes up for it. I believe they finished first followed closely by a cage full of rabbits.
This thing has rear wheel steering, retractable wheels, and is so old it is now being driven by the grandchildren of the original builder.

I get to bring my pop can mortar up and fire it for the start gun. Any more it's the only time I can fire it as my new gun club won't allow it.

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