Tuesday, June 17, 2014

If You Repeat The Lie

Often enough and loudly enough, it will become the truth.

Following the report that there had been some 74 mass shootings in schools since Sandy Hook, which proved to be off by, um, 74, Pravda By The Platte has published a letter going even further.

One Craig Smith is claiming that since 2000 (14 years) "there have been 145 separate gun related* incidents in school buildings, near school property, and on school buses - while school was in session - that resulted in 195 deaths."

No source cited, but really, with criteria like "near school property"? There have been as I remember, about 30,000 gun related (?) deaths per year in every year since 2000, practically all of which took place in a zip code that included a school of some sort. This is not quite the same as 30,000 school kids shot to death by deranged Liberals, but, as he says, who's counting?

195 deaths over 14 years is  just shy of 14/year and while it would certainly be nice to get that down to zero, I might point out that that's less than two weeks toll for Chicago alone. Somehow I suspect that reducing the thug population would reduce the mortality rate in schools and everywhere else far more effectively than a gun ban.

*Gun related? You mean there was a gun involved even if only chewed from a pop tart?

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