Sunday, June 8, 2014

Keeping Busy

Installed a hoist/trolley in the garage. I didn't remember climbing around in the attic was all that difficult the last time but is has been quite some time.

Got 4 books to read, so I'll try not to get too exercised over the news. Any more the news is developing a distinct air of deja-vu about it as the administration pivots from one SNAFU to the next. In good economic news, the WSJ is reporting that all the jobs lost when Obama took office have been regained:
Of course some of the better jobs have been replaced with burger flippers, but if you've seen one job you've seen them all, right? Besides I'm told that everyone now has health care. Sort of.

Note also that this takes us to the same number of employed people as in 2007 and makes no allowance for the population to be increasing.

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