Sunday, June 29, 2014

4095 Range Report

In addition to a long fun day at the range I got to test some new (to me) bullets and powder in the Hi Point. Switching from Barrys plated to some RNFP jacketed bullets in 155gr weight was an eye-opener. Now in all fairness, Barrys does not recommend using their plated bullets at muzzle velocities greater than about 1200 fps as the plating is prone to come off. This means that they work fine for nearly all pistol applications in eliminating lead fouling.

When the plating starts coming off, however, accuracy goes the way of the wild goose, and muzzle velocity becomes much more widely variable. In the Hi Point, the longer barrel boosts muzzle velocity 250-300 fps over what you would expect from a pistol of the same caliber putting the speed well above Barry's recommendation.

FWIW: Using Titegroup, my favorite one-size-fits-all powder, the 155 gr jacketed bullets delivered an average of 1418 +/- 23 fps and group size of 3MOA shooting off sandbags.This is about 60 fps faster than the plated bullets, and 3 MOA closer groups. This accuracy references loading Barrys bullets at sub-minimum loads resulting in MV's around 1250-1300 fps. If you load upward, the "groups" quickly expand to the point where they were measured in feet at 100 yards. It's not the gun, it's the bullets. Use jacketed above 1200 fps.

Switching to Power Pistol confirms the thought that slower powder would work better in a longer barrel with MV up to 1579+/-27 fps and about the same accuracy.


Anonymous said...

How long have you had your 4095? How do you like it?

I bought one, but have not shot it enough to form an honest opinion.


Billll said...

I've had the gun about 4 years now. Search 4095 or Hi Point on this blog and you'll find several pieces. Initially the gun worked well with about 3MOA accuracy but over 3 years the action got stickier and stickier. Turned out to be a failure in the bolt casting. I sent the gun in to the factory and they sent me a brand new one with my old ser# stamped on it. Can't beat the customer service.

The new one was less accurate which I eventually traced to the assembly pins that hold the shroud to the action. The pins were .010 smaller than the holes which allows the rear sight (or scope) to wobble. Solution is to use .218 dowels or precision tubing. The gun will shoot sub-2MOA if you can get the looseness out.

Eventually I'll post it but drop me an e-mail at the postal match addy and I'll send you pictures.

1. Barrys plated bullets will not work in the carbine.
2. jacketed bullets will work, and quite well.
3. Slow powder makes for a big velocity jump.
4. "Cheek bite" comes from the springs in the stock if you have the "tactical" version.
5. Dave Tubbs lapping bullets rate 5 stars with me. They work as advertised.