Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bike To Work Day

Ken Bingenheimer at Motorcycles Colorado notes that last Monday was national Ride To Work day when we are all supposed to take our motorcycles to work. This is the first I've heard of the observation. For me Ride To Work day is any day the morning temp is above 37 deg and the probability of precipitation is no more than 30% so I did my part.

Coming right up is Bike To Work day which is similar except you're expected to ride a 2-wheeler with no motor on it to work. There's a story about the flyer that flogs this event:
In fact there are several stories about that right here on this blog. Search Bike To Work in the search window, upper left corner. So far the motorized version has been nicer to me than the pedaled one, at least while going to work so on June 25th I'll be on the road with the fellow depicted above. Hi Ken!

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