Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vote Fraud

Last year our SOS Scott Gessler spent a fair amount of time scrutinizing the states voter rolls looking for people registered in multiple precincts, registered voters who neglected to mention their lack of U.S. citizenship, etc.

Turns out he was looking in the wrong places. The biggest group of questionable voters in Colorado are those also registered in other states. So the biggest part of illegal voting comes not from illegal aliens, but from retirees who winter in Denver to get away from the cold weather in Pierre, or Arizonians with a vacation home in the mountains. Buy a car to keep in Colorado? Get registered to vote at the same time, and with our new all-mail-in ballots, you'll get yours even if you're currently in your other state. reported on Wednesday that a multi-state database of voter registration information from Secretaries of State shows that as many as 300,000 Coloradans may also be registered to vote in other states.  That comes to just over 1 in 12 registered Colorado voters, and it raises additional questions about the difficulty of ensuring clean voter rolls in the light of recent loosening of the rules, up to and including same-day voter registration without adequate identification.
That's 300,000 and Texas and California are not participants in the cross-check system. Those two are the two most (or least, depending on your POV) popular sources for immigration into Colorado. All these dual-registered folks will get a mail-in ballot for the upcoming election. 

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