Monday, June 16, 2014

When Genius Goes Unappreciated

Story suggesting that O'Bummer is getting depressed with the way fewer and fewer people are buying into the God-King myth any more. I'm sure it's depressing when that happens, but on the bright side, he doesn't actually have to take it any longer.

Think about doing as the rest of us do: Take early retirement. By now I'm sure he has enough boodle stashed away in places with "flexible" banking laws to cover expenses for the foreseeable future. Plus, wherever he goes, he gets a suite of armed bodyguards to come along with at our expense.
The couple have also never sold their family home in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, a fact that prompts speculation they will return there after his White House tenure ends.
So start the pool now. Where will the lightbringer land? My bet is on Indonesia where the money goes further and a lot of his friends live. Then again I hear he's picked up a place in North Carolina so maybe he'll stick around to advise Hillary. It'll make a nice backup to the $35M place he already owns in Hawaii.

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing he gets the job of Secretary General of the UN.